September 27th: Galaxy Gift For You White Chocolate

Kcal 148 Fat 9.5g Carbs 14.0g (per Gift)

With our ChocolateMission Christmas 2013 reviews kicking off last week we today bring you one of the new offerings from Mars UK for this year. The Galaxy Gift For You range was first seen in 2010 and since then Mars have released various different flavoured alternatives - Galaxy Gift For You Truffle (See HERE). To our great surprise this year, mars have taken the decision to really switch things up a little and have introduced a new type of chocolate to the Galaxy brand; ladies and gentlemen the Galaxy Gift For You White Chocolate!

We were sent this by our pals over @MancPickers who have already managed to get stock of all the new Limited Edition British Christmas themed chocolates that will be gracing our shelves this year - See HERE. They are stocking all the  The Galaxy Gift For You White Chocolate comes described as 'white chocolate with an aerated centre'. Whilst the Galaxy Bubbles recently introduced the aerated textural aspect to Galaxy chocolate recently, white chocolate is not something that we can remember being associated with the Galaxy brand before. Despite the lighter weight compared to previous year iterations, the chocolate size-wise remained the same and came attractively shaped and decorated as per the decorations illustrated. As you can seen the packaging and presentation of the product this year has all remained consistent.

Mars's use of white chocolate isn't widespread (White Maltesers - See HERE) so it was going to be interesting to see what they could make of an attempt for Galaxy. The four block segregation of the 'gift' shape again proved to be an intelligent choice and made for four well sized chocolate chunks. So how how it taste!? After thorough examination from the taste test team :-) we all compared notes. The commonality amongst us all was that a lot of us likened it to a milder version of Nestle's Milkybar. The taste wasn't quite as sugar intensive but the chocolate had many of the smooth milky tones with just a little more amplification of vanilla notes. That description makes it all sound a little fancy than it actually was haha, the white chocolate was frankly of a fair standard and enjoyable in the small 26.0g amount and lighter aerated format. As a snack it was decent but I don't think many of the team desired it being any bigger.

Overall this was a fair yet unspectacular white chocolate offering from Mars. They've not done the Galaxy brand a diservice by any means but having tasted tested these extensively it wont soon be rushing back if we are given the choice of any of their milk chocolate offerings instead. The quality of the white chocolate isn't bad given it's light taste and non-over powering sugaryness. That said it pales in comparison to the white chocolate offerings from Hotel Chocolat etc who have far more rounded creamier offerings to give. If you are fans of white chocolate by all means fill your boots with these Galaxy Gift For You White Chocolate - let us know what you make of it over @Chocmission.

7.6 out of 10