September 2nd: Costa Coffee Giant Belgian Chocolate Teacake

Kcal 399 Fat 18.6g Fat(sats) 11.0g Carbs 52.4g (per teacake)

The Great British Bake Off BBC programme has sent the UK into cake making/eating frenzy. The first episode drew over a million new viewers and it appears to have lit a fire under the British public for anything to do with cakes. The cake eating craze hasn't bypassed ChocolateMission HQ and the taste testing team have been more than keen to accomodate some of the requests that have come in to taste some chocolate themed cake treats. One of these came from ChocolateMission reader Emma, who asked us to check out these New Giant Belgian Chocolate Teacakes from Costa Coffee.

You may recall that we have previously reviewed some of the other 'Giant' biscuit products from Costa before, the Giant Costa Coffee Chocolate Bourbon and the Giant Costa Coffee Custard Cream. Those were both pretty awesome interpretations of their classic forms so as big fans of the original Tunnocks Teacakes we were pretty excited to see how well this Giant version would shape up. We purchased a few of these Giant Teacakes from our local Costa Coffee and were impressed that they made the journey to and from the coffee shop to ChocolateMission HQ without perishing.

As soon as the quick photography session took place it was evident that this was mainly down to the thickness of the outer Belgian chocolate. Unlike the majority of shop bought teacakes, the chocolate covering the biscuit and marshmallow innards was very dense and gave a satisfying crack when bitten into. The chocolate quality was nothing to write home about and was dominated by the the overall sugaryness of the offering, though in fairness it did the job providing a chocolatey flavour hit.  Inside the marshmallow sat on top of the chocolate biscuit base was also more viscous than standard commercial offerings. It was sweet as sin however a nice surprise was a small layer of strawberry jam at the bottom that brought a nice red fruit flavour injection. The base biscuit added to the experience in texture and sustenance but the team was a little disappointed it wasn't more pointed in balancing the taste with a suggestion of shortbread saltyness - if anything it just added to the overall sweetness.

Overall whilst this was a fun product to test and see attempted to be made in this grandioso form,  it is probably not a cake that we will be buying again any time soon. Costa Coffee aren't too far off from nailing a very accurate Giant version of the popular Tunnocks original, but on reflection it seems that there in lies the problem. Normal chocolate teacakes are pretty sweet and sugary intensive in even their normal form so it makes sense that when one is blown up by a multitude of about four it does become a little too much. Given the usual saltyness of the biscuit was also missing from the equation there was nothing to balance the intensity of the sugar laden marshmallow, jam or chocolate. Fans of teacakes might want to give one of these a try but by our reckoning these Giant Coffee Giant Belgian Chocolate Teacakes were more of a fun novelty than a great tasting snack.

5.8 out of 10