September 4th: Galaxy Honeycomb Crisp

Kcal 547 Fat 32.0g Fat(sats) 20.0g Carbs 58.0g (per 100.0g)
Kcal 21 Fat 1.3g Fat(sats) 0.7g Carbs 2.0g (per 3.8g piece)

The likes of Cadbury have been the ones dominating the confectionery new product development scene this year but Mars have finally come to the party. A few weeks ago we learnt they would be launching two new varieties for the Galaxy range (See HERE). Today we are going to clue you all up on the first of these two, the all NEW Galaxy Honeycomb Crisp. It came described as 'milk chocolate with crisp honeycomb pieces' and with a cheeky strap line of 'why have cotton when you can have silk' ... boy the marketing bods at Mars must have worked overtime on that one :-)

The new variety is going to soon be available in all good stores near you in both single and sharing formats. The bar we were sent for review was the 114.0g size and came wrapped in the new style Galaxy packaging they have recently rolled out across their range. The updated wrappers now have more modern looking fonts and use slightly brighter looking colours. Collectively we thought the bars looked nicer on the eye, though we were a little cautious at just how similar the use of the yellow secondary colour on this bar failed to differentiate it from the Galaxy Caramel.

Nit picking packaging issues aside we commenced the taste test with not a whole lot of excitement. Our lack of enthusiasm was really driven by the proposition - milk chocolate and honeycomb hardly sounded like the most inspiring NEW variety and compared to some of the more adventurous Cadbury bars we've seen arrive this year. Thankfully we are pleased to report our low expectations were vastly exceeded and this new Honeycomb Crisp little number actually proved to be rather tasty. The usual smoothness of the Galaxy milk chocolate flavour delivery and melt were still in full effect with the thick, silky cream taste enhanced by the burnt sugar butterscotch caramel flavours of the honeycomb. The texture change up of the crunchy honeycomb came in once the chocolate had melted away and ensured that the additional flavour notes were delivered with one short sharp burst. The sharing bar size was great for two people to share on a movie night in - top snacking!!

Overall despite our initial indifference to this new Galaxy flavour we were left impressed by it and again getting back in to the mindset of sometimes the simple things are often the best. Like we said above, the likes of Cadbury and Hotel Chocolat have been flooding the market with all sorts of different flavour combinations this year, we almost forgot that sometimes just keeping it simple is the way to go. The Galaxy Honeycomb Crisp will certainly lead you to this conclusion if you like the sound of the basic proposition. The base Galaxy milk chocolate is its usual dreamy self and the honeycomb crisp is a fitting pairing to add a decent extra level of flavour depth. Galaxy fans or those intrigued should give this a try. ChocolateMission recommended.

8.3 out of 10