September 9th: Nestle Wonka Millionaires Shortbread

Kcal 200 Fat 12.2g Carbs 19.5g (per bar)

With Cadbury and Mars UK recently both releasing new product developments Nestle UK obviously didn't want to be left behind. To our great surprise here @Chocmission they have made a very un-like Nestle move and have boldly decided to reinvigorate an old Nestle brand rather than launch yet another Kit Kat or Yorkie variation. The month of September 2013 sees the relaunch of Nestle's Wonka chocolate brand - a name most renowned for its creation in the famous 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' childrens book. We were really excited to see what Nestle were going to produce when we first heard of the news - See HERE. Our anticipation grew even further when we learnt that range would consist of three very tempting sounding variations - the first of which we have reviewed today the Millionaires Shortbread.

The new Wonka chocolate range should now be available to you in most of the popular UK supermarkets. The three bars all come in 100.0g forms, todays Millionaire Shortbread also comes in a 36.0g smaller size which the ChocolateMission team got stuck into today. Looking at the wrappers we were all impressed with the style of the presentation with the fonts all lending themselves well and evoking memories of the old book. The pinky purple foil wrapper did a relatively good job of keeping the bars in a fresh unblemished state - considering these were sent in the post to us during a day of 29c UK summer heat we were surprised they remained unmelted! Good work there Nestle!

The proposition of a Millionaires Shortbread chocolate was right up our street and the team deeply anticipated trying the billed proposition of a 'combination of caramel and shortbread biscuit pieces covered in milk chocolate'. Unfortunately our expectations began to shrink as soon as we did the photography for review. Despite the attractivelly decorated block pieces the cross-section straight away drew concerns as it revealed a paste like caramel layer none to dissimilar to the UK Kit Kat Chunky Caramel - See HERE. Our comparisons and lowered expectations only became more relevant once the taste test commenced. All round the team were highly disappointed with the lacklusture, sugary sweet innards; it lacked any sort of caramel like distinction and was merely just a lifeless filling sat within a very generic Nestle milk chocolate coating. The crunchy biscuit pieces contained within the paste substance were similarly flavourless and only went on to exaserpate the brown sugar likeness with it's granular crunchyness. Frankly 36.0g wasn't satisfying in the least, no chocolate flavour hit and tummies left grumbling - boo.

Overall this was a highly disappointing first showing from this Nestle Wonka chocolate brand. The team all round were very much looking forward to trying a Millionaires Shortbread proposition however all that tried rated it very lowly on the ChocolateMission rating system. It seems with this first variant Nestle were half way there - they picked and exciting flavour to attempt and packaged it well in very nice looking wrapper and presentation style. Unfortunately the product proved to be all style and substance - as you can tell from our lengthy taste experiences above the milk chocolate was totally unspectacular and to say the Millionaires Shortbread filling was poor would be on the kind side. We don't want to discourage readers from trying these bars entirely as it's always good to try these things for yourself; we would say don't try with high expectations though. Lets hope for better things from the variant we review.

5.0 out of 10