October 11th: Milka Caramel (European version)

Kcal 220 Fat 10.5g Carbs 28.0g (per bar)

First of all we have to say a big thanks to ChocolateMission reader Rachel Matthews who made this review possible today by kindly sending through todays product. Rachel recently visited Germany and came across this Milka Caramel bar. We have previously reviewed the Milka Caramel in it's UK form (See HERE), however it appears in middle Europe they are lucky enough to have a very different offering that looks very similar to our legendary Cadbury Caramel (See HERE).

Reading the on-pack information the bar looks to be produced in Hungary and distributed by Milka Polska (Poland!!). Looking across the net it seems to be available in most countries aside from the UK, perhaps a decision made by Mondelez given the popularity of the aforementioned Cadbury alternative. As you can see by the wrapper the Milka bar carries many similarities to the Dairy Milk bar - the Caramel part of the brand is almost identical and the bar itself is shaped much the same way the Cadbury bar was before it's recent reshape. Suffice to say the 45.0g bar was a smart looking chocolate offering.

The six block bar offered a very nice set of scents when opened. The chocolatey smells were the most outstanding however there were strong buttery hints that made them that especially stand out. The bar was consumed in the manner that all caramel chocolates should be - straight from the fridge and allowed to melt slowly piece-by-piece in the mouth. This method of consumption allowed for a terrific mouth feel development and the chocolate melted with a viscous softness that felt amazingly luxurious. The chocolate seemed to lack the usual hazelnut note synonymous with most Milka chocolates, however it was pleasant enough and offered a genuinely pleasant sweet, milky cocoa taste. The inner caramel was similarly terrific when at room temperature with strong flavours of honey, sugar and butter on offer admist it's epically soft melt development. The lasting impression of the chocolate in the mouth wasn't as long sustained as the Cadbury offering but it was still a satisfying bar nonetheless.

Overall we very much enjoyed this European take on the Milka Caramel and have felt it necessary to give it a score that places it high up the ranks in the Milka range. The bar may not quite reach the dizzy heights of our beloved Cadbury Caramel though this may just be down to the familiarity and affection we hold for our local offering. What you have here is essentially a very similar chocolate bar, just with a slightly differentiated Milka guise - perhaps those who prefer Milka chocolate over Cadbury will actually have preference to this one over the original Cadbury!? You could argue back and forth which is the superior all day but what is undisputed is that this is a very good chocolate bar and carries a ChocolateMission recommendation - go buy one!!

8.5 out of 10