October 16th: Artisan du Chocolat Glow in Dark Assortment

Artisan du Chocolat are the brand we would of least expected to use a gimmick or novelty on one of their products so last week we were stunned to hear they would be sending us a 'Glow in the dark chocolate assortment'. The sound of such a thing screamed cheap, nasty, Halloween confectionery trash but the team were obviously extremely interested to see whether Artisan du Chocolat had lost their marbles or whether they had pulled something out the bag. Those of you who have cheated and looked at the score (or just simply looked at the photos) will be fully aware this was all very much a case of the latter. Please read ahead for a blow-by-blow account of how our preconceptions had us eating possibly our greatest serving of humble pie ever :-)

The Artisan du Chocolat Glow in Dark Assortment is a limited edition chocolate selection from Artisan and features 4 different chocolates each portioned 3 times. Our first slice of humble pie was served after looking at the presentation. The artwork and quality of the design work and box was incredible. The glow in the dark cat eyes established the Halloween theme, yet managed to maintain a subtleness that meant the usual Artisan du Chocolat style and swagger was preserved. The inner chocolates further maintained this initial impression with some fantastic prints placed on top of each chocolate; the spider webs, pumpkins, bats and witches designs were decorative and flawlessly integrated.

Our second slice of humble pie was served when taste testing the four chocolates - surely this was just a quick fire limited edition pumped out with little thought to the chocolates being provided?? Artisan du Chocolat!? Of course not! Despite only featuring the four different varieties the assortment was nigh on perfect. The gorgeously nutty Pecan Pie Artisan Praline satisfied those with a buttery-nut truffle preference, whilst the Dark Chocolate Salted Caramels were nabbed and throughly enjoyed by Jim within the blink of an eye. The Wafer Praline and Blood Orange chocolates were similarly well met with praise with each establishing nutty-biscuit and zesty orange fruit chocolate offerings to the mix. The chocolates were frankly of the highest quality - the only downside for the team came when the box was empty.

Overall hats off to Artisan du Chocolat for making us here @Chocmission look total fools - we should never have doubted them. As you may have gathered we stupidly believed that Artisan might have fallen foul of a sin other brands commit when making gimmicky Holiday limited editions round this time of year. Frankly we should never have doubted them. The presentation was unique yet still classy and the chocolates were simply divine. If you are planning to spend your Halloween night in with a scary film and with a special someone we can't think of a better option to come armed with. Highly recommended by one and all in the ChocolateMission team.

8.8 out of 10