October 18th: Ritter Sport Winter-Kreation 2013

How can you not just love Christmas? Parties, presents, snow, great food, booze and of course Ritter Sport Winter-Kreations :-)

We've been lucky enough to be receiving Ritter's winter time limited editions for a few years now and they have seldom let us down. We normally receive these a littler later on in the year but for 2013 Ritter have released their Winter-Kreation line up a little earlier (as have most brands this year!!).

As with all their seasonal limited edition times the 100.0g square bars range has been treated to three additional varieties. Here at ChocolateMission we were mega pleased to see that Ritter Sport use something very rarely utilised by brands and organisations these days - common sense!!!

Indeed Ritter obviously listened to their customers last year because they took the wise decision to keep the two amazing flavours they had in the 2012 Winter-Kreation range. The 2013 Winter-Kreation line-up sees the return of both the Kokos-makrone (Coconut-macaroon) and the Gebrannte Mandel (Candied Almond) bars. These both scored above 8.3 out of 10 last year and were instant favourites within the ChocolateMission team.

To ensure quality control we of course had no option but to try both of these again. Following very long, arduous taste testing sessions (haha!!) we can happily confirm that all is consistent from last year - make sure you check both of these out if you get the chance - see last years reviews HERE.

Ritter Sport Caramel Orange
Kcal 586 Fat 40.0g Fat(sats) 28.6g Carbs 50.0g (per 100.0g)

So the what is the new bar in the range this year we hear you ask!? Well it's the Ritter Sport Caramel Orange of course. The basic descriptor of 'milk chocolate with an caramel orange creme' didn't really divulge us much in the way of further information though the plentiful aesthetic appearance and fruity sweet chocolate smells of the orange creme filling certainly filled us with optimism. Thankfully this wasn't misguided hope as this Ritter Sport Caramel Orange proved to be an great tasting offering. The real pleasure of this bar came in the way all three elements combined and complimented each other. Crisp, fresh tasting milk chocolate, buttery sweet, mellow caramel and a lasting real tasting zesty orange flavour lick. The layering of the taste was superb and the mouthfeel of the outer chocolate melting to the smooth, silky filling was a delight. Chocolate orange fans will absolutely love this variety though even if that combination isn't a big passion of yours you still might want to give it a try.

8.4 out of 10

Overall thumbs up and Merry Christmas (bit early we know!!) to our friends over @Ritter_Sport_de. The Ritter Sport Winter-Kreation 2013 range got all round approval from the @ChocMission team and we would do nothing but recommend it to anyone that is lucky enough to get the opportunity to try them. All three bars are wonderful flavour varieties and fit the seasonal demand perfectly.