October 21st: Hotel Chocolat Halloween 2013

If you have been reading our site for any amount of time you will be aware that Halloween is not our favourite holiday season. Our readers outside of the UK may be surprised to hear this, but here in the UK Halloween simply isn't as bigger deal as the celebrations seen in the likes of the US etc.

Moan as we do about how 'gimmicky' the Halloween holiday is, every year we end up contradicting ourselves - something we blame almost entirely on Hotel Chocolat :-) Yes these folks never fail in making us show ourselves up as for the last goodness knows how many years they've been sending us their Halloween themed chocolates. Well as you can tell things were no different this year in 2013 and our pals over @HotelChocolat were ever so kind sending us three lovely little numbers from the line up. Remember if tempted you can use the ChocolateMission discount code CMISSIONHCWIN10 for a 10% discount - See HERE.

Hotel Chocolat Trapdoor Treats

One of the new additions to the range this year is this Hotel Chocolat Trapdoor Treats offering. As you can tell from the photograph this essentially is a rather unique Halloween style advent calendar - we've not seen or heard of such a thing before anyway! The 30.0g package consists 12 milk chocolates - each hiding behind open flap 'doors'. Although the quality of the 40% house chocolate was undeniable and the design work of the shapes intricate and very detailed, the team weren't convinced by the advent calendar presentation. We thought the calendar style should have been left purely as a Christmas time thing as believe it or not its not long until we will all be counting down to Christmas. Truth be told we think there are better options in the range this year.

Hotel Chocolat Halloween Bites Selection

This leads us nicely on to this amazing selection of Halloween themed chocolate truffles. This 170.0g collection consisted of a mixture of Hotel Chocolat's finest and some extra special limited Halloween chocolates.

The familiar chocolates were the uber delicious Gianduja Bombes and both Plain and Salted Soft Caramels. As past experiences had signified these were all quite simply delicious - the Salted Soft Caramel lasted seconds before someone in the team *ahem* Jim *ahem* made light work of them.

The Halloween chocolates were also very well received by the team for both their mega high quality designs and subsequent tastes. The 'Crystal Skull' was simply a lovely plain milk chocolate piece, though the dark and white chocolate 'Oozie Eyes' both delighted with their gory looking green and red coloured caramels. The real special mention however has to go to the 'Praline Pumpkins'. Both the white and dark chocolate versions looked stunning and included Hotel Chocolat's epically moreish hazelnut praline at the centres.

This may not have been the Hotel Chocolat selection with the most variety but as a Halloween package it was high quality with some amazing looking chocolates fit for the season. Halloween though it may be we give this Hotel Chocolat Halloween Bites a unanimous recommendation.

Hotel Chocolat Yumpkin

Making it's third time ChocolateMission the Hotel Chocolat Yumpkin returns to the Hotel Chocolat Halloween range this year. Though looking rather more scary with an all new evil looking grin design, the combination of the delicious Hotel Chocolat house milk chocolate and decorative white and dark chocolate pattern was still a joy to consume. It's a great option for those looking to do Halloween for plainer tastes and on a smaller budget.