October 23rd: Galaxy Nut Crunch

Kcal 560 Fat 35.3g Fat(sats) 18.8g Carbs 52.1g (per 100.0g)

A few weeks back we informed you all our review of the new Galaxy Honeycomb Crisp (See HERE) that for the first time in years Mars UK had decided to add some new flavoured variants to the Galaxy range. Today we finally got around to trying the second new offering after being sent it by our friends over @MancPickers. If you guys ever need to get hold of any of the latest new and Limited Edition British chocolates these are your guys to be checking out! They somehow manage to get stock of all of the new bars before they hit most stores so it is always worth paying them a visit every now and then to see what latest bars they've managed to get the scoop on - Manchester Pickers - HERE.

Sponsor plugs aside :-) it's with great delight we bring you our thoughts on this Galaxy Nut Crunch variant. This new bar comes described as 'milk chocolate with almond and hazelnut pieces' and is the latest addition to Galaxy's larger sized bar range (114.0g in total!). The team liked the wrapper with the use of the differentiating red secondary colour though we all thought the flavour variation could have been played up more with the image of both the hazelnut and almond nuts only featuring in a very small picture on the front.

Although the nut presence was a little lacking on the wrapper the scents that emerged from the foil confines once peeled open could not be ignored. Lovely nutty smells emanated and created an immediate impression that this was a chocolate nut experience that was going to deliver on the promised proposition. Galaxy milk chocolate has forever been a favourite of the ChocolateMission team so the success of this Nut Crunch variation was purely dependent on whether or not the nut was favourable. Luckily the team thought it was and it was unanimously agreed that they buttery, woody, savoury flavours of the nuts  created a positive impression on the usual cream laden cocoa flavours of the base chocolate. Minor concerns were raised in the direction of the smallness of 'bitty' nut pieces disrupting the usual textural mouth feel of the chocolate melt, though on the whole their contribution to the taste still made them a favourable inclusion.

Overall the team really enjoyed this new Galaxy Nut Crunch bar and would rate it just as highly as any other mass produced chocolate nut offering currently on the market. In terms of innovation the Galaxy Nut Crunch isn't going to be winning any awards any time soon, but if you are looking for a decent standard milk chocolate hazelnut and almond offering you can do little wrong looking in the direction of what is on offer here. Mars may not have gone too adventurous with their new flavour variations this year though its still nice to see them at least do something with the Galaxy range and we are never against them keeping things simple as they did with their latest Honeycomb Crisp and Nut Crunch variations. They are both worth of a ChocolateMission recommendation.

8.2 out of 10