October 25th: Hotel Chocolat Box of Spiders

We are normally better known as the 'Scrooges of Hallowen' Bahhhh humbug etc etc but we couldn't ignore the positive reaction we got to Monday's post where we highlighted the good and great from @HotelChocolat's 2013 Halloween line up. Such was the pleasantness of some of your feedback we approached the guys at Hotel Chocolat and asked them to send anything further along they wanted showcasing before this ridiculous holiday comes around next week.

Being the kind dudes HC are they went a step further in their generosity and duly supplied us with this rather amazing selection called the Hotel Chocolat Box of Spiders - See it on their site HERE. You will appreciate that this was a gesture even grander than normal if you take a look at the price of this particular product - an eye-watering £55.00!!! At such a high price point you would really expect something special and we were delighted to see that the art and decoration of the box when it turned up was something really rather special.

As you can see from the photography the on-pack illustrations were incredible. The detail of the silver pattern work just looked amazing and somehow managed to bring a real sense of premiumness to what could have been a very tacky looking product. Inside this 365.0g masterpiece a mixture of 28 milk chocolate pralines and dark chocolate ganaches were equally classly presented with 24-carrot gold leaf spider imprints placed on top of each. As expected the milk chocolate pralines were just oozing cream and woody hazelnut flavours and were only just superseded by the rich, smooth tones of epic cocoa delivered by the dark ganaches. These both showcased Hotel Chocolat in all of their glory.

Overall given the price this was was a product that was always going to have a hard time living up to it's billing but it managed to not only justify it but even in some ways surpass it. If you wanted to show someone who had never seen or heard of Hotel Chocolat before why they are so special this would almost be the perfect product to give them. The presentation is arguably Hotel Chocolat at their best, combining the Halloween theme and their brand class in one stunning looking box of chocolates. Additionally the actual chocolates inside represent Hotel Chocolat in all their glory with the rich dark chocolate truffles and moreish milk chocolate pralines two stand out, simple showcases of the quality of their chocolate. This is a product for those with deep pockets but you can use always use our discount code CMISSIONHCWIN10 to knock off 10%! Have a great Halloween all!

8.8 out of 10