October 26th: Smirnoff Limited Edition Gold Collection

As you guys and gals all know every now and then we like to cast the ChocolateMission net a little wider than our immediate confectionery reviewing focus. A few times already this year we've had a go at giving you all our thoughts on some Limited Edition drinks - namely Smirnoff's Limited Edition flavoured vodkas - See HERE. Seemingly both our readership and the chaps at Smirnoff thought we did rather well as we received some great feedback from both parties. Well to our delight we recently got sent the latest addition to the @Smirnoff range, the Gold Collection.

The Smirnoff Limited Edition Gold Collection has been available since mid-August and you should be able to find it in most of the UK Supermarkets in a 70cl size. The vodka comes described as 'a blend of Smirnoff No.21 premium vodka with a hint of natural cinnamon flavouring, and garnished with real edible 23 carat gold leaf'. To say it looked intriguing would be a total understatement! The clear, gold capped bottle had visible particles of gold floating around which gave it a very distinct look. The idea of 'bits' floating around in our drinks wasn't to everyone in the teams liking, though that said we were all still more than happy to give it a try.

The bottle indicated the cinnamon flavoured vodka be mixed with iced lemonade and served with a wedge of lime. We did adhere to this advice at first, though it wasn't long before we got experimental :-) (funnily enough our sense of 'adventure' grew the more we consumed haha!). Mixed with the simple lemonade mixer the cinnamon spice came through relatively nicely and was mostly detectable in the aftertaste masking the bitterness that plainer vodka can sometimes generate. As nice as this was it wasn't until one member of the ChocolateMission team had a bit of a EUREKA moment and suggested we make ourselves some 'special hot chocolate' - boy was this a winner! This Smirnoff Limited Edition Gold Collection vodka transformed a mediocre instant mix hot chocolate into an amazing chocolate, vodka and cinnamon spice dream! It was sweet, warming, relaxing and dangerously moreish - we totally recommend you give it a try.

Overall we aren't 'drinks experts' by any stretch of the imagination but we stumbled across something very special here. It's undeniable that this Smirnoff Limited Edition Gold Collection looks tremendously cool aesthetically and it should be noted the particles of edible gold do not inhibit the drink in any sense when being consumed. Paired with a standard mixer we thought it was an 'ok/average' flavoured vodka option but our 'special hot chocolate' creation made it really stand out as a drink we would advocate. With Christmas coming up we can see ourselves in a fair few of these cinnamon vodka hot chocolates. A perfect drink for one of our favourite times of the year - give it a try and let us know what you think over @ChocMission

8.4 out of 10