October 2nd: Fort Knox Milk Chocolate Gold Bars

Kcal 70 Fat 4.0g Fat(sats) 3.0g Carbs

When it comes to getting to try all of the latest American candy and snacks on offer in the US our pals at American Soda are never ones to let us down. Since the site started way back in 2008 these guys have kindly been supplying us with samples of anything they think is worthy of the @Chocmission rating system. This has included well know American chocolates from the likes of Hershey's, Reeses et al and also treats from some less established American confectionists. The product we reviewed today would certainly fall into the latter category - Fort Knox Milk Chocolate Gold Bars. These came described as nothing more complicated than 'solid bars of golden covered milk chocolate'.

@AmericanSoda were kind enough to supply a few of these 89.0g packs to the entire ChocolateMission team. Throughout the last week the team have slowly been making their way through their own six bar multipacks, consuming them at lunch, coffee and tea breaks etc. On the face of things the American style packaging provided a warming authentic American look and feel that came across as a nice light-hearted aesthetic proposition. Each of the six bars were wrapped in the thick cut gold foil wrapping that carried the same Fort Knox branding from the outer cardboard box. Altogether the package felt like a fun-looking American themed option.

As aforementioned these bars were consumed over a variety of different occasions and situations. By the end of the taste testing week the team felt these were most suitable for mid-afternoon tea/coffee times - that period of 3-4pm when all of us Brits are all in desperate need of a caffeine/sweet tooth fix. The reason for this was purely down to the chocolate as it proved to be 100% sufficent for providing a very welcome sweet chocolate flavour hit. The ruling throughout the team was that whilst the chocolate wasn't of the highest quality, it was still a pleasant milk chocolate experience with a decent balance of sugary sweet cocoa and smooth milk tones on offer. These were a nice treat parked alongside a black coffee and were described as one of the team as being 'the ideal amount of chocolate for a quick fix'.

Overall we thought these Fort Knox Milk Chocolate bars were good for what they were and ultimately satisfied our expectations. We never thought these were going to conquer the likes of Hotel Chocolat or Artisan du Chocolat, but ultimately they were just as good and pleasurable as any supermarket chocolate snack alternative. As described above the Fort Knox brand may not be well reknowned, and probably wont ever be, however if you are after a good value chocolate option for boosting up your AmericanSoda order we can assure you that you wont go wrong giving these a try. Have you tried these Fort Knox Milk Chocolate Gold Bars before? Drop us a line @Chocmission with your thoughts.

7.2 out of 10