October 4th: Cadbury Eclairs Orange Twist

Kcal 35 Fat 1.3g Fat(sats) 0.7g Carbs 5.0g (per sweet)

As the saying goes 'you wait around ages for one bus and then two come along at once' and the same can be said of the new Cadbury Eclairs flavours. After bringing you all our review of the well received Cadbury Eclairs Hazelnut Twist - See HERE, we today bring you the ChocolateMission ruling on the second of the two new varieties, the Cadbury Eclairs Orange Twist. These 'Caramels with orange flavour milk chocolate centres' were sent to us by one of Cadbury's many PR companies and were dispersed amongst the ChocolateMission team for testing.

Just as with the rest of the Eclairs range the Orange Twist come in a 180.0g bag containing several individually wrapped caramels. As one would have expected the bag was differentiated through orange secondary colours which we all thought gave the flavour a lot better stand out than the Hazelnut variety which looked far more like the originals. Out the bag the foil wrapped caramels neither smelt or looked different to the standard Eclairs. This was somewhat disappointing for us as at the very least we expected some orange fruit scents.

Disappointment at the lacking orangey smells didn't last long as the team quickly realised the presence of the orange element wasn't to prove desirable anyway. The findings of the taste tests conducted throughout the team were pretty unanimous in their rulings. Indeed nearly all of the ChocolateMission team felt that the orange flavouring in the chocolate wasn't to the benefit of the product with most saying it tasted artificial and fake. In its defence one of the team said it brought back fleeting memories of the old school fruit flavoured Toffo sweets, however the majority were more concerned with the effect it had on the creaminess of the chocolate and how it distracted from the buttery caramel flavours.

Overall Cadbury have released so many new products this year they were bound to come unstuck eventually. They've not released many that we would categorise as 'exceptional', but until now its not as if they have released any we would have counted as a fail. Unfortunately we do have to categorise these Cadbury Eclairs Orange Twist as the latter, they simply just didn't go down well with anyone in the team! As you will have ascertained from our taste description above the orange element added to the chocolate just didn't enhance the overall experience for the team. Whilst absent in aroma it certainly wasn't absent in the taste. It came across overpowering and given it was disliked for it's artificial nature the orange flavouring wasn't perceived as a favourable addition to the standard Eclairs. Chocolate orange fans may want to check these out however we aren't going to recommend them.

5.2 out of 10