November 13th: Artisan du Chocolat Tobacco Dark Chocolate

Speaking as the site founder I never thought I would see the day when ChocolateMission would ever feature or review a product containing tobacco. Given the entire ChocolateMission team doesn't feature a single smoker or anyone that has an interest in developing such a habit for that matter you will understand why that was a reasonable presumption to make. Well five years on from starting this site I should have known to 'never say never' - especially when we have brands like Artisan du Chocolat stretching all possibilities when it comes to the confectionery and the luxury chocolate marketplace - enter stage right the Artisan du Chocolat Tobacco Dark Chocolate.

We received this curious chocolate in a 45.0g tablet format. This particular flavour variety of dark chocolate is part of Artisan du Chocolat's Fusion bar range - a line developed by head chocolatier Gerard which features some of the most unique flavour combinations we have ever seen (See all of them HERE). The presentation of the range isn't some of Artisan's finest work though the simple cardboard sleeve and cellophane packet combination still give the product a look and feel above that of your everyday chocolate offering. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about the inner chocolate which lacked decoration or branding with it's very basic blocked segregation.

Understandably not everyone in the team was that keen on trying this bar so I (Jim) took ownership of the task consuming it over the course of a few sittings. Taking the chocolate out the packet a very distinct set of aromas provided a very accurate insight for the taste experience that soon followed. The 72% dark chocolate had a stunningly soft and well paced melt that ensured the total spectrum of flavours were established in what was a very progressive, ever developing taste. The experience started with the delivery of strong, earthy, unsweetened cocoa tones which immediately set the standards that this was a very high end offering. Around the time of mid-melt these cocoa flavours developed a very interesting flavour profile bringing elements and hints of smoke, roasted coffee beans and even a touch of friendly vanilla sweetness to the party. It was amazingly compelling as a flavour journey and left me intrigued enough to want to head back for more with every block consumed.

Overall whilst my enjoyment of this chocolate was probably more rooted in my intrigue of how it might develop next taste wise it was still at the end of the day a product I enjoyed tasting. Whilst I can't say that it will go down as one of my favourite chocolates ever, I hope I have managed to articulate the amazing experience it delivered in terms of it's uniqueness. The taste, should you choose to try it, will be unlike anything you have ever had before. The tobacco element is by no means a gimmick and is highly evident and forthcoming in both aroma and taste. Whilst this may not strike you as a natural flavour combination it is one well worth checking out if it sparks your intrigue. It's a chocolate experience like none other I have ever come across - we would love to hear what you make of it @Chocmission.

7.4 out of 10