November 15th: Nestle Kit Kat Eastern & Western Selections (Japan - Limited Edition)

Here @ChocMission November/December time isn’t just awesome because we are nearing Christmas! We also love this time of year because our friends over @Jlist restock the chocolate section of their website and they are never afraid to share the love when it comes to samples. Rewind a year and you will remember that one of our favourite products of the whole of 2012 was the Kit Kat Japanese Selection (See HERE).

This amazing collection of Kit Kats consisted of 15 different flavours that were regionally themed and of course LIMITED EDITION. We enjoyed making our way through Japan’s finest Kit Kat offerings so much we awarded it a stunning 8.8 out of 10 and offered the opinion that it was the ‘ultimate Kit Kat collection on the market’.

Well fast forward yourselves back to 2013 and we have some exciting news! They are back – and arguably even better!!

Addressing our only minor gripe of the product last year (the price!!) this year Nestle Japan have split the package in two. Differentiating the selection through Western and Eastern regions the Kit Kats are now available in two different packs:

The Eastern package contains the Nagoya Red Bean Sandwich, Shinshu Apple, Wasabi, Edamame, Yokohama Strawberry Cheesecake and Yawataya Togarashi (chilli pepper) varieties.

The Western package contains the Japanese Citrus Blend, Sweet Purple Potato (Beni Imo), Roasted Green Tea (Houjicha), Yatsuhashi (cinnamon), Matcha Green Tea and Amaou Strawberry.

You may have noticed the addition of one new flavour to the mix – can you spot which it is?!? Let us know on Twitter @ChocMission

Suffice to say the boxes these selections come in are just beautiful and each of the Kit Kats still come in their own individual foil packets clearly showcasing what region they represent and the flavour variation inside. As a team we decided not to re-review the product given we would only be retreading previous ground. All you guys need to be made aware of the differences between the two (which of hope we have done!) so you can decide for yourselves whether you back #TeamEasternKitKats or #TeamWesternKitKats.

If you fancy gifting a chocolate treat that is something a little different this festive time you needn’t looking anywhere else for Kit Kat fans. These selections not only feature some crazy flavours, but most actually happen to taste rather good as well. Head over to J-List quick to make sure you get them before they are all gone – See HERE.