November 18th: Brown & Haley Dark Almond Roca

Kcal 190 Fat 13.0g  Fat(sats) 7.0g  Carbs 20.0g (per 3 pieces)

Without pals like @AmericanSoda there is now way we could ever uphold our claim that we provide you all with a global perspective on all things in the confectionery and chocolate market. These guys are all over it when it comes to finding the newest and best products currently doing the rounds in the US - luckily for us they aren't afraid of sharing the love when it comes to samples either! The latest batch of gems AmericanSoda have unearthed come from a brand called Brown & Haley. According to Wiki Brown & Haley

"is a candy maker and distributor located in Tacoma, Washington. They are perhaps best known for their signature product, Almond Roca. They also make a variety of other chocolates, including three flavors of Mountain Bar."

After hearing about their long heritage we assumed that these guys must have something special up their sleeve given how long they had been in business. To our delight we this week got sent some of their famous 'Dark Almond Roca'.

The packs sent across by AmericanSoda each weighed 116.0g and contained several foil wrapped chocolates inside - perfect for sharing out! We thought the packaging looked smart and befitting for a brand that obviously wanted to cut more of a premium, vintage look. The dark red colouring and golden fonts looked easy on the eye and the clear on-pack image set expectations nicely of what to expect from the chocolates inside. Similarly the branded foil wraps were a nice touch and kept the individual chocolates in great condition. The quality of preservation was further confirmed by the amazing smells that emanated from the wrappers with scents of nutty chocolate evident upon unsealing.

The research we did before trying these foretold us that these Dark Almond Roca were formed of 'buttercrunch toffee, almonds and dark chocolate'. Reading this it sounded like it was going to be an experience close to what you would get from a Daim bar. The reality was our assumption wasn't too far from the truth, most of us even thought it was actually a little bit better! The impressive flavour journey started with the onset of rich, plain chocolate cocoa flavours presented by the outer shell of dark chocolate. It wasn't the grandest or most flavoursome of dark chocolates we have ever tried, though its non-sweet chocolatey taste was a very nice contrast for the inner toffee. The crunchy toffee was frankly fantastic and was laden with strong butter and burnt sugar flavours. The almond nuts within were also enhancing on the taste and brought another element of slightly salty, savoury nut to the party. These were moreish to the extreme to say the least - one of those products that had you reaching back in to the box time after time.

Overall the ChocolateMission debut for Brown & Haley couldn't have gone much better and we are excited we have been introduced to another exciting brand we hadn't even heard of before. As we said above fans of bars like the Daim or Hershey's Heath or SKOR need to sit up and take notice here. This Brown & Haley Dark Almond Roca presents a similar proposition but takes it to a new level with a high quality toffee centre complimented by a more than adequate dark chocolate and almond pairing. When ever we come across such long established hidden treasures like these we always wonder quite how we let them pass us by. Here at ChocolateMission we are uber keen to get to try more from the range. Hopefully if we play our cards right with AmericanSoda we might just get that opportunity - tell us if you have tried/recommend anything from Brown & Haley! We are all ears!

8.4 out of 10