November 20th: Nestle Wonka Creme Brulee

Kcal 555 Fat 32.6g Fat(sats) 19.7g Carbs 59.7g (per 100.0g)

The post today sees us cap off our reviews of the recently rejuvenated Nestle Wonka range. After first seeing to the pretty disappointing Nestle Wonka Millionaire's Shortbread - See HERE, we then had a similarly poor encounter with the Nestle Wonka Nice Cream - See HERE. With both of those bars underwhelming we weren't exactly excited to get our hands on the third and final variant the Nestle Wonka Creme Brulee. This bar that came described as 'milk chocolate with a vanilla creme centre with caramel crunch pieces' - an albeit nice sounding proposition but could Nestle pull this one off?

Unlike the other two variants in the new Nestle Wonka line up this Creme Brulee bar is only available in a 100.0g big bar size and to our knowledge is not currently available in any smaller mini bar format. This was no issue at all though the £1.35 price tag seemed a little steep given the amazing Lindt Creations Creme Brulee sat only a few shelf facings away at a very reasonable looking £1.99. Pricing aside the presentation was still relatively impressive with the larger size taken into consideration with the provision of a cool sticker for resealing - nice touch!

The bar was split into a 2x5 block format which shared amongst three of us was more than adequate for a small cheeky chocolatey snack. All three of us liked the sizing of the blocks and appreciated that the filling clearly displayed small specs of golden caramel pieces. As one suspected the milk chocolate was standard Nestle quality with the usual non-offensive mild cocoa and milk flavours establishing an average but passable chocolatey flavour hit. The fast paced melt of the chocolate was only surpassed by the very light, and pretty flavourless vanilla centre that seemed to melt almost instantly on the tongue. This left the crunchy caramel pieces that required a little chewing in order for them to be fully expressive of their flavours. Unfortunately what was on offer was little more than a brown sugar sweetness burst that wasn't all that welcome given the sweetness of the taste already.

Overall consistency can often be a good thing but unfortunately for this Nestle Wonka range the only aspect of consistency it has is it's ability to underwhelm. With flavour variations such as Millionaire's Shortbread, Nice Cream and Creme Brulee we thought Nestle might be on to something special with this relaunch but the ratings have been disappointing all round. This Nestle Wonka Creme Brulee followed the example of the two that went before it combining average at best milk chocolate with a filling that was non-enhancing and to a point even diminishing both taste and texture wise. We don't like to be overly critical of products as everything normally as some upside but in all three instances of our reviews of this range we left shortchanged both in pocket and product satisfaction.

5.0 out of 10