November 25th: Artisan du Chocolat Moose Advent Calendar

With under a week until we all are opening up the first door on our wonderful Christmas Advent calendars its about time we revealed to you all what product will be doing the honors at ChocolateMission HQ this year ....

Well no doubt the title and photos have spoiled our grand reveal :-) Ladies and Gentlemen our advent calendar of choice this year is the marvelous Artisan du Chocolat Moose Advent Calendar!!

This has to be one of the most special products we have ever received from Artisan. When we received it back in November reactions upon opening our postal package went from 'what on earth!??' to 'Wow this is awesome' in a matter of seconds. Being confronted by a big red moose face at first bemused us though we soon caught on to what we had in front of us and my oh my were we loving it! The red face cheery moose face design melted the hearts of us soft ChocolateMission folk.

The admiration of the wonderful moose fella only grew when we realised what was hanging from his lovely antlers! 24 small numbered bags contained all manner of Artisan du Chocolat's signature chocolates! Liquid salted caramels, Precious Pearls, chocolate coated fruit and nuts, chewy nougats, mellow pralines ... we don't want to spoil everything the calendar has to offer, but suffice to say each bag we have opened so far has offered us a chocolatey treat of the highest order!

We've discussed this to great length among the team but we still can't settle on whether this is an advent calendar more suitable for kids or for adults!? The Moose presentation and design will be loved by kids (and big kids alike!!) but the quality of the chocolates on offer lend themselves more for appreciation from an older demographic. We don't want to give you all a cop out recommendation but you could easily gift or buy this for anyone whatever their age. If you are after an advent calendar this year that is worlds departed from the usual £1.00 cheapo Mars offering this Artisan du Chocolat Moose Advent Calendar is where you need to be looking. The glorious presentation style of the solid wooden Moose face and cute bagged chocolates are like nothing you will have seen or experienced before.

Christmas is a holiday worth celebrating in style so if you are looking to start (or end) each of your fun filled festive days with a smile and a tasty chocolate treat of the highest order then you best not look elsewhere. Advent calendars are never going to be the same again at ChocolateMission HQ! Expectations have now rocketed - new standards have been set! What calendars are you indulging in this year - let us know @ChocMission

9.2 out of 10