November 27th: Nestle Kit Kat Passion Fruit (Limited Edition - Japan)

Kcal 67 Fat 3.9g Carbs 7.5g (per 12.0g mini-pack)

We are nearing the end of the year and that means only one thing – no not Christmas!! It’s Japanese chocolate time! Yes the Summer time heat wave in the Far East is now a distant memory and our pals over @Jlist have just filled their boots and restocked all of the latest Japanese chocolates doing the rounds the in the land of the red sun. If you are a loyal @ChocMission reader you will be well aware that the Japanese love their Kit Kats and 2013 is seemingly no different with a whole host of new and exciting limited edition flavours available.

The current bestseller on @Jlist (See HERE) is the Kit Kat Passion Fruit and the feedback we’ve been getting from the J-list team over in Japan is that its been selling like hotcakes. Luckily our friend Peter was able to send a few packs across to us to sample so last week we took great delight giving it a run through the ChocolateMission rating system.

The Kit Kat came in a bright yellow box and was split into three packs of two mini-finger wafers. We thought the packaging was cute on the eye and despite the Japanese on-box blurb we easily identified it as passion fruit flavour with the on-pack illustrations a clear indication of the purple coloured fruit. Inside the foil wrapped fingers smelt pleasantly fruity with the yellowish white chocolate looking attractive contrasting against the golden inner wafer.

The team didn’t wait around long for the tasting session to commence and we paired these with a mid-afternoon black coffee. Taste wise the combination of the outer white chocolate and tangy sweet, acidic flavours of the passion fruit were a lovely mixture. The two were very complimentary of each other with the sugary white chocolate tempering the tangy sharpness of the fruit. The three pack portion size was just about the right amount for a quick snack, though others may find this one nicer consumed in the smaller prescribed packs as they are on the sweeter side of things.

Overall not all of the team are white chocolate lovers so we know we have a pretty decent product at hand when even they give it the thumbs up. Some of the fruit flavoured Japanese Kit Kats can be very poor (mainly the strawberry ones!) and a few we’ve had previous have been a little on the artificial side. Fortunately for us this Kit Kat Passion Fruit was to our liking and the Passion Fruit flavouring came across well and ‘real’. If you are an avid Kit Kat fan and like your limited editions this is one you wont want to miss out of on. Make sure you grab one of these limited editions whilst the stocks last – let us know what you think @ChocMission.

8.3 out of 10