November 4th: Quality Street My Green Bar

Kcal 98 Fat 5.6g Carbs 10.8g (per 1/2 bar)

Aged over 75 years Nestle Quality Street has been one of the most famous brands of British chocolate assortments and will likely feature in some form or other in millions of UK homes this Christmas time. Aside from minor additions and substitutions within the main assortment selection (Quality Street review - See HERE), Nestle have never really bothered to extend the brand into wider associated markets - until this year that is :-) Yes 2013 has seen the arrival of a few new Quality Street branded snacks and treats. Whilst some ChocolateMission blogging pals have been busy reviewing Quality Street desserts (See HERE) we've been taking a look at a new bar they've introduced to their range - the Quality Street My Green Bar.

This new Nestle offering comes in a 36.0g form and should be readily available for you to purchase in your local supermarkets (try Tesco folks!!). We bought a few of these for the team to try and the collective thoughts on the packaging were mostly positive. The majority liked the way there had been retention of focus on the famous 'purple' coloured Quality Street branding and how Nestle had also managed to clearly showcase the structure of the inner bar - a good combination of old and new news. As you can see from the photos the bar was separated into four triangular block pieces - each a highly accommodating mouthful but none complained of their size.

Nestle Quality Street experts will be aware that the Green triangular chocolates are the 'milk chocolate nutty ones'. The Quality Street My Green Bar comes billed as 'milk chocolate with a hazelnut praline centre', a description perhaps a little more posh than what is actually the reality. As you would expect from a mass produced offering such as this one the inner praline centre is not a finely crafted artisan hazelnut creation but more of a lightly nutty flavoured, softened by extra vegetable fat extension of the outer milk chocolate. Did we expect anything more - hell no! Thats probably why we all really quite enjoyed it. The milk chocolate was of the standard Nestle chocolate quality and generated an average yet welcoming sweet milky cocoa experience. The 'praline' centre whilst unspectacular was still notably differentiated and offered a fair woody nut hazelnut element to the overall taste. The bar was a little small at just 36.0g though the sweetness of the entire thing in one sitting was enough to satisfy mid-afternoon munchies.

Overall this was by no means a 'knock-em-out-the-park' extension of the Quality Street brand but the team was never expectant of anything more than it was. The Quality Street My Green Bar was exactly what we thought it was going to be - a pretty average milk chocolate bar with a small element of hazelnut to bring to the party. Anyone who approaches with level headed expectations will likely come to the same conclusion as we did in that the Quality Street My Green Bar is a fair offering that neither disgraces itself or really excels. Those with a partialness for the 'Green ones' in the traditional assortment will love it - the rest of us can approach it with a 'try it if you feel like it' attitude. With an RRP of around £0.60 you aren't going to be breaking the bank giving one a try.

7.4 out of 10