November 6th: Hotel Chocolat Munch & Nibble

Hotel Chocolat have certainly come a long way since the first chocolate of their's we've tried. Over the last five years we've seen first hand here at ChocolateMission how they have experimented covering all sorts of fruits, nuts and other confections with their famous high quality chocolates. Whilst a lot of their products have been retained in their core range there have been an equal amount that have also been taken out of distribution and treated as seasonal limited edition offerings.

Many of the products that fall in to the limited time offerings Hotel Chocolat category are the smaller fruit and nut experiments that more often than not have proven to be successful - See examples HERE and HERE. Well the people at Hotel Chocolat HQ have certainly had their thinking caps on straight recently as some bright spark came up with the idea of this rather wonderful Hotel Chocolat Munch & Nibble.

This package comes described as 'a selection of our favourite fruit and nut enrobed chocolates' - oh boy we could tell this was going to be a winner.

The total Hotel Chocolat package contains six different offerings:

- Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts
- Lemon in Dark Chocolate & Ginger in Milk Chocolate
- Milk Chocolate Raisins
- Dark Salted Caramelised Almonds
- Ginger in Dark Chocolate
- Milk Chocolate Salted Peanuts

As you can see above the presentation was first class. The packaging was perhaps dubious for it's use of a retro washed out blue colour, however each of the fruit and nut offerings inside were plentifully portioned and looked appetising stored in their equally sized compartments.

The team opened this package during a mid-morning tea break and by the time it came around to leaving the office the entire contents had been raided. The feedback from the team lacked any criticism of the quality of the chocolates used and it was felt they were well matched with their pairings. In terms of the standout offerings the Dark Salted Caramelised Almonds and Ginger and Dark Chocolate were the ones that received unanimously good feedback all round. The almonds were lauded for their delicious sweet and salt flavour combinations whilst the handfuls of the small dark chocolate enrobed ginger pieces were proclaimed as delicious and unique spiced chocolate affairs.

The other favourites were the creamy chocolate peanuts and dark chocolate hazelnuts which both drew positive comments for blending high quality chocolates with fresh as could be savoury nuts. The only offering in the selection the team weren't too sure on were the milk chocolate raisins as the dominance of the raisins in the taste didn't facilitate full expression of the creamy chocolate; thats always going to be a shame when it is Hotel Chocolat chocolate involved huh!?

Overall this Hotel Chocolat Munch & Nibble got a thumbs up all round from the team. The idea of taking the best of what they produced over the last few years and bringing it all into the one collection was a very smart idea and the fact they even went as far as utilising different chocolate types tells you they gave due diligence to the likelihood of sharing and people having different tastes. This selection has great potential being utilised as an after dinner selection to offer guests with a sweet tooth disposition. It goes without saying we give it our ChocolateMission recommendation.

8.6 out of 10

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