November 8th: Cadbury Milk Tray 2013

The Cadbury Milk Tray is one of the most iconic chocolate selections available here in the UK and has seemingly been around since time began. Ok, ok that’s somewhat of an exaggeration but to say its one of the oldest confectionery products still available wouldn’t be misleading given that it was first made in 1915! Surviving the test of time for 98 years is no little accomplishment. When you think of all the confectionery products these days that don’t even last a year on the shelves, the fact that the Cadbury Milk Tray is coming up close to a century is nothing to turn ones nose up at.

Here at ChocolateMission we don’t usually choose to re-review products once they have been through the ChocolateMission rating system. We normally apply this rule pretty stringently when asked to reassess anything we have previously reviewed, however we thought we would show some respect to the Cadbury Milk Tray for its longevity and see what/if any changes had been made to the form it takes now in 2013.

The selection is currently available in a whole multitude of sizes ranging from 200.0g to the mammoth 800.0g. In order to reassess the selection we decided to purchase one of the 600.0g boxes from our local supermarket.

On the face of things the box looked slightly different from the product we remembered and has obviously been given a more modern contemporary look for 2013. Once assessments of the outer box were complete we got stuck into the chocolates inside and we were delighted to find the selection hadn't suffered at the hands of time.

The turkish delight Eastern Promise, Caramel Charm, Caramel Heart, Orange Truffle, Honey Love, Fudge Dream, Strawberry Kiss, Nut Secret, Hazelnut Caress and Hazelnut Heaven were all there to be found and for the most part consistent in appearance. Although our initial review was conducted only four years ago by Jim he still commented that it was nice to see all of the varieties still there as it mostly the case with confectionery products these days that they get refined in order to accomodate for profit margins. The thing Jim wasn't expecting was the exciting addition of two new chocolates; the Surprise Parcel - a white chocolate truffle wrapped in milk chocolate, and the Perfect Praline - hazelnut praline encased in a milk chocolate gem

With the larger team of @ChocMission reviewers now chipping in opinions it was concluded Jim's initial ruling about the selection being limited was a little harsh, especially given the two new additions. Jim himself admitted that this was probably the case given the new white chocolate and praline options being added to the traditional Milk Tray turkish delight, caramel, fudge, honey and famous fruit cremes favourites. They may all be coated in the same Cadbury milk chocolate, though reflecting on this that isn't such a bad thing given it's appealing sweet, milk based taste. Although the team disagreed with Jim's ruling on the selection side of things, we did align on his thoughts that the caramel inclusive pieces were still the strongest.

The Hazelnut Caress, Caramel Heart and Caramel Charm were all the first to eaten with Honey Love and Fudge Dream not far behind. The team did also conclude the fruit pieces could have been a little stronger, though given the lack of fruit creme chocolates around these days the chocolate still held a certain fondness in the eyes of those who sampled them. The ruling on the two new pieces were that they were welcome additions to selection and provided further variety with their creamy white chocolate and nutty praline alternative fillings.

Overall the Cadbury Milk Tray deserves a little boost in terms of it's initial ChocolateMission rating and is worthy of the improved 8.0 out of 10 score it now has. Although the product is now 98 years old, it is still steadily improving and now offers a larger variety of different flavoured chocolates. True enjoyment of the product as a whole will be 100% dependent on whether you like Cadbury milk chocolate or not; coming from a team that has many a Cadbury chocolate lover the Cadbury Milk Tray is unsurprisingly held in high regard and we can not wait to see how they intend to celebrate the 100 year anniversary. If you are at a loss for an affordable chocolate gifting option this Christmas you may well want to give the Cadbury Milk Tray a look at. It will certainly put smiles on faces and likely evoke some nice memories.

8.0 out of 10