December 14th: Hotel Chocolat The Signature Luxury Christmas Collection

The Christmas countdown is well underway and we've taken it upon ourselves to provide you with the most extensive coverage of everything Hotel Chocolat this year. From what we have seen so far Hotel Chocolat have served up some great products this year combining both the best of their old Christmas ranges and also so new exciting propositions to the mix. The range contains a whole host of different selection boxes to match individual tastes - the one we are reviewing today was the one that most excited us though given it's 'Luxury' billing.

This Hotel Chocolat The Signature Luxury Christmas Collection is described by Hotel Chocolat as their 'grandest selection of exceptional Christmas chocolates – darks, milks, dark and whites rich with spirits, pralines, fruits, caramels and rare and vintage cocoa'. Comparing the presentation of the product to the rest of the red and blue coloured Christmas range the box instantly gave the product standout with it's sleek, arty on-pack design. Inside the box the chocolates were protected by a paper padding and the different varieties on offer were clearly detailed by the inner menu.

As promised by the product descriptor the selection contained a wealth of truffle options that different members of the ChocolateMission team were drawn to. As you can see from the photos they were all very smartly crafted and looked as if they belonged in a premium selection - here are our thoughts on them:

Rum & Raisin Truffle - This was a piece we had tried multiple times previously and this years incarnation high standards have not been let slip. The truffle combines an outer creamy cream chocolate shell with a sugary fruit, boozie centre. Answers on postcards to how this one is different from the Tipsy Christmas Pudding chocolates folks ;-) Anyways, the warming, spirit kick might be a little strong for some but we still enjoyed it. Good.

White Caramel Praline - The white chocolate fans made their way quickly in the direction of these and they weren't to be disappointed. Combining what are no doubt two of Hotel Chocolat's greatest strengths (their caramel and praline chocolates!), the white chocolate blended centres pieces facilitated full expression of the buttery, hazelnut flavours - totally dreamy stuff! Superb.

Pistachio Praline Crunch - The only disappointment we had with this one was that it was only portioned the one time! Boo! This has been one of our favourite new chocolates from Hotel Chocolat this year. The green filled centre may be off putting for some but the quality of the salty, savoury nut ganache certainly makes it worth over coming your fears. High quality! Superb.

Christmas Stars - It wouldn't be a Christmas selection box without a marzipan option in there would it!? Thankfully Hotel Chocolat obliged and did so in a very grand manner. This cool looking star shaped piece combined an outer shell of rich dark chocolate with a delightful orange liqueur infused marzipan filling. The older heads in the ChocolateMission team were big fans of this chocolate. Superb.

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Hacienda Iara Salted Caramel 90% - This was the best chocolate in the box without question (well so says Jim!!) This epically rich dark chocolate established strong roasted coffee cocoa tones before revealing a liquid caramel filling. The caramel intially brought on sweet, buttery flavours though the latter stages of the melt delivered a wonderfully moreish salty lick. The mouth feel of the melt transition was incredible. Superb.

Hacienda Iara 63% Ganache Milk - With the selection containing so many flavoured options that drew attention a little quicker these were actually the last remaining chocolates left in the box. The taste testers that did eventually pluck them out gave these a big thumbs up and lauded them for their fine balance of soft cocoa richness and creamy undertones. Very Good.

Christmas Mess - As opposed to the other Christmas themed selections we've tried from Hotel chocolat this year these Christmas Mess had outer dark chocolate cups instead of white chocolate ones. The ruling amongst the team was that whilst these were still very high quality chocolates with very real fruit flavours on offer, the dark chocolate was a little strong and didn't allow them to be as expressed as much as the usual white chocolate alternatives. Good.

The remaining pieces in the selection were all options that are available in the Classic Sleekster Christmas Selection we reviewed previously. The Mulled Port, Nutmeg & Almond Praline , Cranberry Cup, and Caramel Supernova are all super high quality offerings and give the selection the desired Christmas flavour experiences. Consistent from our previous reviews the Nutmeg & Almond Praline and Caramel Supernovas were the stand out pieces. The Nutmeg chocolate especially is one that wont fail to remind you of the festive time of year and the Caramel Supernova was highly notable for its impressive aesthetics and ultra fine caramel centre.

Overall this Hotel Chocolat The Signature Luxury Christmas Collection is totally befitting of being Hotel Chocolat's headline leading selection box this Christmas. The collection offers just about everything you could desire if your aim is to impress with a chocolatey gift. It's visually impressive with it's premium stlye packaging and well decorated inner content. Add to the mix that the chocolates are pretty much marvellous across the board and you have a selection box that is worthy of consideration for any gifting or self-indulgence purposes this festive period. Whilst we could talk all day about each of the chocolates individually it is really how the collection has been put together as a whole that makes it the special thing it is. The Hotel Chocolat The Signature Luxury Christmas Collection comes with a big time ChocolateMission recommendation.

9.0 out of 10