December 16th: Beech's Chocolate Brazil Nuts

Making their ChocolateMission début today we have a traditional British chocolate brand that have been in operation since 1920! Yes folks we would like to introduce you to Beech's Fine Chocolates - a company that produces chocolates under both their own brand, Beech’s, and for a small number of selected “own label” brands for quality retailers (perhaps one day we might find out whom these people are!?).

Having been made aware they had been producing their chocolates for such a long time we set about learning more about their company and soon learnt from their website that they consider themselves a very ethical bunch ...

"All Beech’s products are made using only natural colours and flavours. We use only the finest raw materials and chocolate, sourced from responsible suppliers who care for the environment like we do. Our staff are passionate about the quality of the products they make and about the enjoyment of our delicious chocolates by our customers"

... furthemore ...

"Beech’s cares about the environment and seeks to work with suppliers who are eco-friendly. We source our ingredients from suppliers who support sustainable farming methods, improvements in working conditions and zero or minimal impact on the environment ... Our workforce is the most important asset in our business and several staff have worked in the factory for over 30 years. Their skill and experience in making beautiful hand finished chocolates is clearly obvious in the taste, texture and appearance of each chocolate that leaves our factory"

This all sounded fantastic so we had no qualms whatsoever when they approached us to review some of their products. Beech's had certainly sold us a good story but could their chocolates match up to the brand promise?? Lets find out ...

Our contacts at Beech's were very keen for us to try out their chocolate covered Brazil nuts. They consider these one of their signature propositions and given their popularity at this time of year we thought this was a more than sensible place to start.

We received both of Beech's milk and dark chocolate Brazil nuts in their 260.0g box sizes (24 nuts in each!). The boxes they came in were aesthetically pleasing - the dark red and blue colours were fitting for the chocolate types and the sophisticated golden fonts, subtle branding and appetising on-pack illustrations successfully communicated the prestigious, vintage feel of the Beech's brand. Opening each box the fresh smells of both cocoa and nuts emanated and set expectations high of what was in store for the taste test.

 Excited by the presentation the team soon set about trying both variants on offer. Quelle surprise there were conflicting views as to which were the better :) The sweeter toothed members of the team obviously had preference to the creamier milk chocolate nuts whilst the elder members of the team were equally impressed by the dark chocolate nuts which they described as having 'great earthy, non-bitter cocoa flavour delivery'. What was conclusive across the board was that the the inner nuts were fantastic - crunchy, buttery and packed full of delicious savoury nut flavours only found in truly fresh, high quality offerings. Both of the boxes were emptied within the day they were opened proving both the team's unanimous approval and their moreish nature.

Overall it is with great delight we can say that Beech's Fine Chocolates Chocolate Brazil Nuts were very well received by the ChocolateMission team and that both their milk and dark chocolate variants are worthy of their highly credible score of 8.5 out of 10. Given their heritage it is with great wonder why we have managed to not come across them before given how we pride ourselves on covering the best of the Chocosphere. Ho hum the important thing is now we are well aware of their high product quality so we are excited to have the opportunity to try more of their range in 2014. In the mean time whilst we do those reviews we would strongly suggest giving their Chocolate Brazil Nuts a try if if they are your kind of thing. These simply wont disappoint and come with a glowing ChocolateMission recommendation.

8.5 out of 10