December 18th: Artisan du Chocolat Fairy Godmother's Stocking

Do people 'do' Christmas Stocking anymore!? Despite us all in the ChocolateMission family being over the age of *ahem* 25 *ahem* its been a time honored tradition that we all still get stockings on Christmas morning. It would be sad to hear that this part of Christmas might be lost on younger generations though it looks like if Artisan du Chocolat have anything to say about it their legacy will not be forgotten. Enter stage right Artisan du Chocolat's latest Christmas treat magnificence! This Artisan du Chocolat Fairy Godmother's Stocking was the last item in our Christmas sampling kit and rather unfairly Ms Godmother had a lot to live up to given the wonderful Moose Advent Calendar and Cracking Crackers that had gone before!

The technical specs on the website told us this was a 300.0g product that contained three different chocolates inside. Leaving you with that alone would give you the most unglamarous view of what was really to behold as this was really yet another beautiful looking product from Artisan. The stocking was made out of thick, laminated cardboard and was decorated with the same vintage style Christmas pattern work that adorned the Cracking Crackers. Opening the very twee lid the most amazing chocolate scents emanated and upon reveal we were greeted by three packs of cellophane wrapped treats.

As you will have determined from our photos, inside the stockings contained some of Artisan's finest offerings. Artisan's Liquid Salted Caramels, Chocolate coated Honeycomb and Milk Chocolate coins were to be enjoyed and boy they were! We've lauded over Artisan's Liquid Salted Caramels too many times before on this website so we will save you the overly long description of just how awesome they are - all you need to know is that we rate then as some of the best salted caramel truffles around; we are yet to meet a caramel lover that doesn't fully endorse them and don't think we ever will!

The Artisan du Chocolat Chocolate coated Honeycomb was a product we first came across last year and the quality was still just as high. To get an idea of these think of a Cadbury Crunchie bar and then times the quality of the chocolate and honeycomb by a few million :-) Each piece will bedazzle with the thickness of the creamy outer cocoa laden chocolate a perfect foil for the floral tones of the crunchy, toffee flavoured honeycomb inside - Marvelous!!

Overall this Artisan du Chocolat Fairy Godmother's Stocking really capped off one of the finest Christmas themed selections we've had the pleasure of reviewing. When you consider we are now in our sixth year of doing this you will understand just quite what a feat this is! We've tried hundreds of products down the years but all three of the Artisan offerings this year have stood out as special. The Moose Advent Calendar, the Cracking Crackers and finally todays Fairy Godmother's Stocking have stood toe-to-toe with all that we've reviewed and frankly they blown the competition out of the water. If you are after Christmas gifts that really give a sense of luxury you needn't look elsewhere. ChocolateMission recommended! Ho Ho Ho!!!

9.1 out of 10