December 20th: Hotel Chocolat Pigs in Blankets & Sparkling Stars

Such has been the kindness of our friends Hotel Chocolat this year we've had to start doubling up our reviews in order to make sure we get everything reviewed before Christmas! We wont for one minute try to portray this as anything close to a hardship - the products we have tried thus far have all been fantastic and you can check out our full Hotel Chocolat 2013 Christmas coverage - HERE. Before we show you the two latest products we've tried today we should remind you that you can get 10% off Hotel Chocolat using the special ChocolateMission discount code - CMISSIONHCWIN10 - we hope you find it useful.

Hotel Chocolat Pigs in Blankets
Kcal 244 Fat 15.0g Fat(sats) 7.0g Carbs 25.0g (per 3 pieces)

The Hotel Chocolat range this Christmas year features a ton load of pretty looking santas, reindeer etc but these have to win the prize of cutest looking product. These Hotel Chocolat Pigs in Blankets come described as 'praline fillings in milk and white chocolate decorated with milk, white and dark chocolate'. That description may sound non-glamorous but these were definitely one of the best additions to the range this year. The 70.0g box contained three milk and two white chocolate variations of the chocolates - each wrapped comically in foil packets decorated as rug blankets. As I hope our photos display the chocolates were decorated beautifully - the pig faces were charming and instantly likeable. So what about the chocolates? Well come on these were Hotel Chocolat pralines at hand here - AMAZING in a word! Both variations of milk and white chocolate delivered delicious cream laden milky cocoa tones and the inner woody nut praline centres were just to die for. You can consider these a fantastic option for kids and big kids alike ... Oink Oink :-)

8.8 out of 10

Hotel Chocolat Milk & Dark Sparkling Stars
Dark - Kcal 188 Fat 14.0g Fat 8.0g Carbs 13.0g (per 3 pieces)
Milk - Kcal 193 Fat 13.0g Fat 8.0g Carbs 17.0g (per 3 pieces)

These very aptly named Hotel Chocolat Sparkling Stars gave us exactly what we most love Hotel Chocolat for combining their fantastic house recipe chocolates with their two very best fillings. These star shaped chocolate truffles differed only for their outer chocolate types with both variants offering three hazelnut and caramel filled chocolates and three salted praline filled. The outer packaging wasn't the best looking you will find in the Christmas 2013 range this year though the star shaped filled gems didn't exactly lack appeal when cross-sectioned to reveal the plentiful fillings. The team were split on their preference of the outer chocolate types though they were fully aligned on just how marvelous the salted praline and hazelnut caramel centres were. The hazelnut & caramel were just a total joy with their sweet buttery toffee flavours tempered by a lovely dash of savoury nut. Likewise the salted praline pieces were equally impressive with the additional salt lick creating even more of a moreishness to the incredible nut flavours already in the offing. Another highly impressive option this Christmas though perhaps these are more suitable for personal consumption since there are visually some more appealing products in the range.

8.5 out of 10