December 23rd: Hershey's Candy Cane

Kcal 220 Fat 12.0g Fat(sats) 7.0g Carbs 26.0g (per 43.0g bar)

We are only a few days away from @ChocMission's favourite time of year Christmas day and boy are we all getting excited! As loyal readers I'm sure you are all aware we have been reviewing Christmas themed products for months now! Companies/brands started sending us their Christmas ranges as early as August this year so you can imagine the team is getting a little overcooked on festive themed confectionery.

That was situation until earlier this week however when our pals @AmericanSoda sent us a late sampling package that included this Christmas themed diamond! The Hershey's Candy Cane bar was this very product! This is a limited edition offering currently available in the US and @AmericanSoda being the reliable providers of US goodies for us here in the UK we got out to try it out.

Being totally honest with you all the sound of white chocolate and added sugary bits sounded like a total recipe for disaster - surely this had the recipe for being the most ungodly sickeningly sweet bars in history!? Well having consumed all of our samples we shouldn't have bothered with our scepticism - this Hershey's Candy Cane was surprisingly fantastic!!

The bar came in a 43.0g size and was nicely presented in a neat foil packet with the usual HERSHEY'S bold branding and some subtle, vintage looking Christmas themed illustrative patterns and cues. Out the wrapped the bar looked like it had a bad case of acne :-) haha with the red candy cane pieces highly visible and dispersed evenly throughout the bar. Approaching with extreme caution the team set out about the taste test and all were instantly impressed! The peppermint flavours of the candy can came through immediately and they were complimented by a lovely set of milky white chocolate tones. The taste was indeed sugary but the sweetness had appeal and the creamyness was enough to generate a moreishness that saw us all easily finish a bar in a single sitting.

Overall we have to take our @ChocMission hats off to HERSHEY'S here. We always worry when we see white chocolates paired with additional sugary ingredients but to be fair this was very good combination that came off both suitably festive and additively creamy! We've little doubt this bar is probably made of some horrible ingredients with vegetable fats aplenty etc. with it being 1) Christmas themed and 2) Great tasting we frankly aren't going to worry ourselves with that. Whats important is that we really enjoyed this chocolate and would advocate any of our readers trying it out! Grab yourself a bar and bring on Christmas we say :-)

8.5 out of 10