December 6th: J-List Green Tea Japanese Chocolate Special - feat. Oreo & Lotte

With every sampling package we get from our friends @Jlist they always include a few eye-browsing products that we take great delight in trying. Down the years we’ve sampled and reviewed a wonderful array of crazy snacks and foods we would never have had the opportunity to try if we had stuck to our Western ways.

Today we wanted to show you some of the odder green tea flavoured items sent our way by @Jlist – all of these are currently available at the shop (See HERE). As you will read, not all of them were instantly to our liking taste wise but one thing that was unquestionable was the great fun we had trying them all. We tried all the products below during a big free-for-all taste test session hence our reluctance to attribute scores. Sit back enjoy the pictures and our thoughts … perhaps you can let us know your thoughts if you have tried them or even just have an opinion you want to share @ChocMission

Oreo Green Tea Chocolate
We’ve actually featured these a few times on the site before – firstly in May 2009 (See HERE) and then later in May 2011 (See HERE). Well carrying on tradition with our 2 year check up we today got stuck into the 2013 incarnations. The chocolates came in a cute box that contained 8 individually wrapped small chocolate bites. They looked a little odd aesthetically with their new green coloured coatings but we persisted and took the plunge. The response from the team was mostly positive with the majority finding the combination of the familiar Oreo cookie biscuit and the mellow grassy undertones of the herb tea an odd but interesting mixture. The general sense was that they wouldn’t choose these over normal Oreos everyday but as an ‘everyone and awhile’ they were a decent option.

Lotte Ghana Chocolate Green Tea
Next up the team tried these mini chocolate sticks made by Lotte. Essentially the package contained four golden sleeve wrapped mini chocolates that were half milk chocolate and half green tea chocolate. The aesthetic appeal of the product was very good – the box was ultra sleek looking and had a premium look and feel with its vinyl finish. The chocolates inside were also visually attractive with the dual coloured chocolates providing a colourful contrast. Taste wise the team were split half-and-half on these. The quality of the milk chocolate was deemed superior to most of the Japanese brands and was described as ‘smooth with strong creamy tones’. However, the green tea portions of the sticks weren’t received as positively by all of the team with some commenting the matcha green tea element was a little too bitter and strong.

Kyoto Uji Matcha Cookie
The team do love a good biscuit with their teas and coffees so had no problem scoffing these down despite their ugly appearance. As you can see from our photo above these really did look scary aesthetically – one of the team said that these cookies were what a Shortbread finger would look like if you left it out the biscuit barrel for 10 years :-) Well despite the garish look there was mass dunking and munching and action. To mass surprise the ruling on these were that they deserved a big thumbs up! They tasted for the main part of salty, sugary shortcake with the green tea flavouring only entering the fray at the latter stages of chewing. Once apparent the green tea was non-intrusive and complimented the buttery biscuit rather than overpowering it in any way shape or form. If you are looking to add a cheeky few items to a @Jlist order you might want to check these out.