December 9th: Artisan du Chocolat Cracking Cracker

Turkey in the oven .... check
Champagne on ice .... check
Chrimbo pudding ready for steaming ... check
Table set ...che...uh oh!!!

CRACKERS!!! Who forgot the CRACKERS!!!!

We've all been there! Christmas dinner isn't the same without crackers so make sure you all plan ahead and treat yourselves to some a little more special than those awful cheapo ones you can pick up in Tesco et al for 1000 for £1.00.

Here @ChocMission we take our Christmas Crackers very seriously :-) Hey, if you are going to be wearing a silly paper hat and telling some of the worst jokes known to man you might as well make sure the inner treat is one worth having.

Well one set of crackers very much worth having this year are these Artisan du Chocolat Cracking Crackers. We were sent these by our pals @ArtisanChocolat and we broke away from tradition and had a cracking time (ahem!!) trying these out ahead of time to give you all the inside view.

The crackers are currently available on the Artisan du Chocolat website and can be individually bought depending on the number you require. The crackers are presented beautifully and have some very premium looking gold coloured patternwork and fonts decorating the subtly branded thick green cardboard material.

Each of the crackers felt very weighty (125.0g each!!) and shaking them up and down we could hear rattling of plastic packets inside. We recieved these way back in November so before opening them we had no idea what was inside - given the high quality offerings we are used to recieving from Artisan you can imagine just how sky high expectations were at this point!

Well within the quickness of a satisfying cracker snap the banger mechanisms had been pulled and it was soon revealed that we were all being treated to a wealth of different giant chocolate buttons! Packets of marvellous chocolate buttons scattered across our table with dark, milk and white chocolate offerings to be had! On the face of things these looked like standard chocolate buttons but opening up the packets it soon became apparent that each chocolate type had a little festive twist to them! The buttons were laced with salted caramel, crème brûlée and gingerbread cookies crumbs - each delivering a little taste of Christmas within the high quality cocoa and cream laden chocolates on offer. Artisan put it perfectly when they say 'Why use space for paper and whatnot when that space can be filled with fine artisan chocolate?' ... we fully endorse this!

Much like they did with the advent calendar this year Artisan du Chocolat came to us with a Christmas Cracker product and redifned the standards of what we should expect in years to come. No longer do we have to suffer the poor quality jokes and irrelevant gifts inside, there is only so much fun to be had from a plastic driedel after all! These Artisan du Chocolat Cracking Crackers will bring a touch of class to Christmas table this year! Just don't be upset if the turkey and over cooked brussel sprouts are a little shown up by these luxury chocolate buttons - perhaps these are worth saving for the coffees and mid-afternoon naps! Treat yourselves and your family this year! Have a cracking Christmas :-)

9.0 out of 10