It's that time of year again! Time to dish out our prestigious annual awards to the great, good and of course bad for the Year of 2013. These awards have been decided upon by the ChocolateMission team. We would love to hear your feedback and your picks for our award categories over @ChocMission

So on with awards ....


This was the product that we all got way more from than we were expecting. The award this year has to go to our friends over at Ritter Sport who delighted us all when they revealed they were bringing back their Ritter Sport Kokos flavour (See HERE). The team took great delight reviewing this bar and we were even more pleased to see Ritter even took the effort to release it here in the UK. Try your local Sainsbury's if you are yet to find it.

J.R.'s BAR-B-Q SAUCE RANGE - (full review HERE)

There could be only one winner here. The ChocolateMission team has been addicted to this sauce ever since we got sent some from our chums over @Americansoda. We have lost count on the amount of times we've repeat ordered! Whether it be chicken wings, stir-frys or as a dipping sauce we've been lapping up J.R.'s BBQ, Ketchup and Mustard. We can't recommend it enough.


Unfortunately not everything we get to review is great. When Nestle first announced they were relaunching their Wonka chocolate range we were really excited to see what they could make of it. With flavours like the Millionaire's Shortbread, Chocolate Nice Cream and Creme Brulee on offer we thought it had great potential but unfortunately this wasn't too be. For the most part they were really mediocre offerings, lacking in credibility of the flavour variations they were said to offer. Very disappointing - do you agree?


We were going to award these bars the 'Biggest Surprise of 2013' award but we subsequently felt that might be a bit silly considering we were already well in the know how excellent Artisan du Chocolat are. Artisan's Velvet Collection has to be one of the finest ranges of milk chocolate we've ever tried and we can't encourage you guys enough to give some of their bars a try if fine chocolate is your thing. These Confiture de Lait and Creme Brulee offerings were as luxurious as they come - epically brilliant in equal proportions. It goes without saying they come highly recommended.


There was no way we were going to let the Artisan du Chocolat Christmas Moose escape a ChocolateMission award :-) This beautiful advent calendar has been the pride of the office since we received it and it has got high acclaim all round from those who have been treated to his tasty daily delights. The design of the calendar is frankly glorious in every sense - its fun, festive and 100% adorable. The quality and selection of chocolates on offer has also been fantastic with everything from salted caramels, pralines and chocolate buttons providing a small tasty treat each day. It's obviously too late to enjoy this year but make sure Artisan get your attention next year when they are releasing their advent calendars. How on earth do they follow the Moose!?

So that brings us on to the BIG ONE!! What is the product this year that the ChocolateMission team loved!? We've mulled over this for days ... debated into the early hours ... but we've finally come to an agreement!

The winner of the ChocolateMission 'Best Overall Product' for 2013 is .......


These pralines were the talk of the ChocolateMission office when we reviewed them earlier in October. The team loved them so much that we had re-order several packs so that the whole team could get their fill and appreciate how good they were. These Hotel Chocolat Rabot 1745 Dark Pralines 82% look stunning, melt like butter and taste like a dream. If pralines or fine chocolate are your thing then you simply don't need to look elsewhere. They are simply sensational chocolates that ever chocolate fan need try!

Congratulations to all the winners this year! Come tell us @ChocMission what you think of our awards! Would you have chosen differently?

All we can say is bring on 2014!! Happy New Year - see you all January 1st! 

ChocolateMission Team