Happy New Year 2014!!

Hi All,

I hope the sore heads are beginning to subside and that we are all looking forward to what lies ahead of us in 2014.

To make 2014 the best year possible for @ChocMission we want to hear from you guys what you want to see more/less/new for the site. Already in the plans this year we have interviews, guest posts, competitions and even some secret plans for some video content being brought to ChocolateMission.

Having now been established for over 6 years now! (Crazy huh!?) We now have great links to many of the UK's biggest  confectionery brands so if you ever have any feedback for them be sure to drop us a line @ChocMission.

We will soon be experimenting with brining comments back to the website via our new Google+ page however this is all still in development so bare with us whilst we put this together.

Just as a note before we all get in the 2014 mindset and forget 2013 altogether make sure you check out Hotel Chocolat's clearance sale where you can get up to 50% off some of their latest lines - See HERE.

Be sure to get in contact with any of the team via @ChocMission if you have any input or feedback!

Happy 2014 - See you Monday for our first review of the year!