January 17th: Kinder with Cereals (UK 2014)

UPDATE 2014!!

All UK readers will be delighted to hear that the Kinder Country is now available widely here in the UK under the name Kinder with Cereals!! It can be found in most nationwide supermarkets (Try Tesco!!) retailing at around £0.60 for a 23.5g bar.

The team have been eating these all week and frankly didn't have anything to add to Jim's original review that he did back in 2008! Be sure to let us know if you have tracked them down yourselves .. for the minute enjoy the pics of the UK bar that we found last week.

Kcal 130 Fat 7.9g Carbs 12.5g
Kinder Country is yet another Ferrero product that doesn't seem to make it to UK shores all to often. I have seen it sporadically appear and disappear from our shelves over the years ... as you have probably guessed already my opportunity to review this came via Dean-German-Grocery. So what does the Kinder Country consist of? ... well it contains 'milk chocolate, with a milk flavoured centre with puffed cereal pieces'.

Dean-German-Grocery were kind enough to send a box of nine 23.5g bars. I ate six for the purpose of this review, though I have saved some with the intention of using them as prizes for the upcoming ChocolateMission competition ;) .... (Keep an eye out for that one folks!!). The packaging took that of a typical Kinder product - a friendly mixture of red and white colours. The outer packaging was nice enough, though the great aesthetic look of the bar itself was the determinant for its high 8.5 score in that criteria. The inner centre had great appeal with the fluffy white filling interspersed with cereal pieces, whilst the chocolate had a unblemished and fresh looking surface. The product had a sweet dairy aroma that had hints of malt, the smell wasn't all that strong, but was quite enticing when searched for.

Due to the diversity of the ingredients the Kinder country had a varying set of textures that came into play at different times of the eating experience. Simply letting the pieces melt in the mouth allowed the initial outer chocolate to briefly impose itself. The milk chocolate was unfortunately thin and melted too fast for my liking, however it did provide a nice initial chocolaty context to the taste. The cocoa flavours were quickly dominated by the milk filling; the texture of the milky centre felt light and whipped; the creamy flavours were strong and extremely tasty. Interspersed throughout this milky centre were the cereal pieces ... anyone who has had the cereal 'Sugar puffs' will know the flavours that these pieces added. You will be unsurprised to hear they added an extra crunchiness to the texture and an extra injection of sweet brown sugar, wheaty flavours. Although the ingredients and composition of the bar was relatively diverse , the longevity of the flavours was relatively short, and I found myself reaching for the third bar in a row all too easily. The flavours were almost too smoothly delivered and could have done with being intensified more to create a greater richness.

Overall this is another relatively good Ferrero offering, though is one that falls down a fairly common pitfall that a lot of Kinder products succumb to. You only have to look as far as the 'Happy Hippos', 'Maxxi' and 'Bueno' to some extent to see that Ferrero rarely produce bad tasting products. The common problem they all share is that they all lack substantially. The chocolate, milk filling and cereal ingredients were all delicious, but unfortunately lacked richness. Personally I think an extra thickness to the milk chocolate coating would do absolutely wonders for the product. If your a fan of Kinder products, it is very likely this would be a product you would enjoy. This is certainly a tasty product, I just suggest you buy a multi-pack if you want total satisfaction.

7.9 out of 10