January 20th: Ritter Sport Karamell + Keks

Kcal 596 Fat 42.0g Carbs 47.0g (per 100.0g) 

Having reviewed Ritter Sport chocolates for over six years and seeing the sheer amount of different varieties they've introduced during that time it comes as no surprise to us that their innovation thinking tank is running a little low. Ritter produce a minimum of 12 seasonal variants and 1 'sorte des jahres' (flavour of the year!) each 12 months! Thats 13 limited editions at the very least they have to continually bring to the table. One way of getting around this has been to retain some of the better performing flavours from the year before - a perfect example being this years Christmas 2013 variety the Ritter Sport Coconut Macaroon (See HERE).

Well the Ritter Sport brand team have now devised a different tactic to get around the constant demand for new flavours. Indeed some genius at Ritter Sport HQ came up with the awesome idea of taking some of their better flavours ... and combining them to make one UBER cool flavour ... well so they hoped!? Today's bar is their first attempt at doing this - the Ritter Sport Karamell + Keks! To us English speaking folk Karamell + Keks = Caramel Biscuit ... sounds good huh!?

The new Ritter Sport Karamell + Keks is being introduced as a new 250.0g bar. The bar retains the orange colour theme of the standard Karamell though you would have to be pretty daft to miss the new biscuit content given the big 'NEW' variety sticker and clear on-pack visuals. Within the chocolate itself the small pieces of biscuit were also very obvious - as you can see from our pics the pieces were clearly evident amongst the golden coloured plentifully portioned filling.

So how did this mixture fair!? Well come on ... was it ever likely the combination of caramel and biscuit was going to be a fail!? No of course not! The chocolate was the usual Ritter fair - friendly dairy cream and sweet cocoa tones but really just a passenger for the inner filling. The inner caramel cream was the main feature of the taste delivering an epically tasty creamy, toffee based flavour set. The biscuit pieces were subtle in taste but not in texture - the crunchy element they brought to the mouth feel was certainly a welcome addition contrasting with the smoother melting chocolate and caramel cream.

Overall this new Ritter Sport Karamell + Keks wont be winning any prizes as an innovative new proposition but as flavours go it's a welcome addition to the Ritter range. The taste experience it creates isn't too far departed from typical millionaires shortbread - perhaps just a touch lighter on the sweetness side than most millionaire offerings. If you are a Ritter fan that is fond of their caramel and biscuit varieties it wont surprise you to hear you should be getting involved here. ChocolateMission recommended of course :-)

9.0 out of 10