January 27th: Hotel Chocolat Valentines Day Range 2014

Gather round Lovebirds!! It's time we gave you all a heads up on some of the best new Hotel Chocolat goodies for Valentines Day this year. As ever we were given free reign of the Hotel Chocolat range and you wont be surprised to hear we managed to uncover a few gems are on offer this year. Being realistic folk (the voice of the everyday UK chocolate consumer we hope!!) we understand Hotel Chocolat isn't always the most affordable chocolate option to everyone. Our contribution to all ChocolateMission readers is our 10% off code for the Hotel Chocolat website - try code HC10SPR14 at the checkout to unlock that discount.

So what's worth having this year then? Well here at ChocolateMission we are putting together two posts for you that we will post this week. In both of them we will give you our view on what we think is best to treat your significant other to this year - it's lovey-dovey chocolate galore on @ChocMission this week ... let us know what you intend to buy on Twitter.

Hotel Chocolat - Open Your Heart To Me

Had this just been a chocolate selection featuring three different truffles we would have been slightly disappointed. Fortunately said truffles were kept within a huge, thick milk chocolate heart shape - almost like a Valentines Day themed Easter egg! Given this shell of milk chocolate was Hotel Chocolat's classical 40% cocoa recipe of pure milk chocolate indulgence we couldn't help but love it.

If you are thinking of investing in this one make sure the person receiving likes their fruit flavoured truffles. The selection includes the marvellously realistic tasting fruity Passion Fruit, Strawberry & Rose Truffles, these are in addition to the quite stupendous Caramel Pralines - we dare not get Jim started on how much he loves them. The name of this one might sound a little on the corny side but it shouldn't distract from the quality of the chocolates - sure fire winner.

Hotel Chocolat - The Pink Collection

Speaking of Jim, to solve his the lonely heart on Valentines Day we decided he needed a little love so we put him in charge of reviewing this one :-) Here were his thoughts ....

"Hotel Chocolat describe this as "Created to make you feel utterly pampered and adored". Well suffice to say after working my way through what it had to offer I felt suitably both haha! £27.00 of your hard earned pennies is going to buy you the very tidy collection of a mini sparkling bottle of Rose, a Eton Mess mini-slab and a box of Hotel Chocolat Pink Champagne Truffles. As a very infrequent drinker I wasn't bowled over by the Sparkling Rose but both the slab and truffles were just as special as I remembered them. Those who love strawberries and cream will absolutely love the meringue studded slab - white chocolate at it's very finest! The truffles were also very high quality though be warned they come with a fair old alcohol fuelled champagne kick! Big time gifting potential for lovers of boozie chocolate lovers."

Hotel Chocolat - The Perfect Match Slab

Come on folks it wouldn't be a Hotel Chocolat range without the inclusion of a beastly new slab! This 200.0g monster was shared amongst team - it had to be it was so big!! The Perfect Match slab is a fusion of Hotel Chocolat's 40% and 50% milk chocolates that are decorated with lashings of their white chocolate. Although only differentiated by 10% cocoa the difference between the two is deeper than just pure aesthetics. The 50% recipe is noticeably less sweet and has a slightly crisper, richer cocoa taste to it.

If you are planning on sharing this with a partner make sure you nab at least one of the two salted caramel heart shaped truffles. They contain all the usual sinful buttery, salt licked sweet goodness as many of their other salted caramel truffle products! Our preference would have been for them to be in dark chocolate shells instead of their white chocolates ones but hey you can't have everything!!

More Hotel Chocolat recommendations coming later this week - in the mean time join us on Twitter and tell us your buying plans for Valentines this year - @ChocMission