January 29th: Hotel Chocolat Valentines Selection 2014

As promised this week we are bringing all you lovey-dovey ChocolateMission readers our top tips from Hotel Chocolat's 2014 Valentines Day range. As they do every year they produce their own special selection box of heart shaped truffles that they annually update based on the feedback they get from the flavours they put in that year - the Hotel Chocolat Valentines Selection 2014 (See HERE)

The Selection this year is made up of 28 chocolates of which there 12 different varieties. Let us take you through the line-up (chocolates identifiable left-to-right). We've tried to group them based on the flavour themes of the selection: Fruits, Caramels and Pralines.

Fruits - The Passion Fruit truffle is a white chocolate option that contains a lovely, zesty creamy filling of fruity goodness. The Lemon Berry Tart make look similar but the sharper citric taste means that it's tarter flavours makes it quickly identifiable. The Strawberry & Rose Truffle is the ingot shaped piece that features a unique tint of rose flavoured oil in it's strawberry ganache, the Champagne Bellini heart-shape features a wickedly forthcoming boozie kick to it's initial soft, sweet peach fruit flavours. That piece isn't the only alcohol fuelled chocolate in the selection; the Pink Champagne Truffle similarly offers a lively boozie aftertaste just this time with a red berry strawberry undertone. Finally the square white chocolate Creamy Raspberry Truffle covers off any desires for a fruit and cream lovers with it's dazzling red coloured ganache centre.

Caramels - We needn't say much about these as you will have seen many of them featured in our reviews before. Amongst the selection this year Hotel Chocolat have included their Soft Caramel, Salted Caramel Cheesecake, Caramel Praline and the very unique Balsamic Caramel. The Salted Caramel Cheesecake has to be the pick of the bunch with it's fine and subtle salt lick but the Balsamic Caramel is more than just a gimmick with it's very different buttery, vinegarry taste.

Pralines - Last but by no means least there are two other Praline options in addition to the caramel one mentioned above. The Triple-Layer Praline offers the simply outstanding combination of almond and hazelnut whilst the Chilli, Ginger option to the right of it brings a spicy, mouth warming truffle to the mix.

Overall as a whole the team really enjoyed sampling this years Hotel Chocolat Valentines Selection so without question from our perspective it gets the @ChocMission thumbs up. One question we will say however is that if you are thinking of gifting this do make the recipient is a lover of fruit flavoured chocolates. As you can see above the line-up is heavily skewed towards fruit flavoured truffles so it would be silly suggesting it to any non-lover of said chocolates. We hope you've enjoyed the review - if we've tempted you in to thinking your significant other is worthy of a Hotel Chocolat gift this year make sure you use our discount code for 10% off - HC10SPR14. If you have any questions or feedback be sure to drop us a line @ChocMission.

8.4 out of 10