January 31st: Glico Rich Milk Pie Pocky

Whenever we pose the question to ChocolateMission readers asking what products you all want reviewed from @Jlist we are always met with two responses – Kit Kats and Pocky! We’ve recently given you all the lowdown on the latest Limited Editions on the Kit Kat side (See HERE) but if we are totally fulfil all your wishes it’s about time we checked in with the latest Pocky flavours doing the rounds in Japan. Well we never like letting you guys down and today we have for you our review of the Glico Rich Milk Pie Pocky.

These all new Pocky came in a box containing two packs of multiple Pocky Sticks. The serving sizes looked decent enough on the face of things, though as with all Pocky snacks it wasn’t as if we couldn’t have eaten our way through packages double the size. Size issues aside the product presentation was still pretty high quality and the matted finish on the outer box made the product seem a little bit more special that the standard Pocky range.

As we couldn’t understand the on-pack Japanese blurb we took to the @Jlist website to get an understanding of the Milk Pie proposition. The site frankly didn’t reveal much more than what we could gauge from looking at the sticks themselves – they were essentially plain milk chocolate covered biscuit sticks. To be honest considering some of the crazy Japanese flavours we’ve reviewed recently these were a refreshing check back to normality and they were actually a lot more to our preference than some of the odder varieties we’ve tried.

Suffice to say the taste test went very well – that’s always a safe assumption to make when the product disappears in a matter of minutes of being opened :-) The outer milk chocolate was thicker than normal Pocky and fast established a creamy sweet chocolate flavour hit when the melt proceeded. Whilst the chocolate was notably better than normal the biscuit sticks were also superior to what we are used to with them establishing a more substantial buttery shortbread like taste. As aforementioned these were highly enjoyed and both packets were eaten in no time at all.

Overall these Glico Rich Milk Pie Pocky have proven that not all the products sourced from the Far East have to be crazily flavoured to get a decent ChocolateMission rating. Although these Milk Pie Pocky were very simple in construct with their two layer milk chocolate and biscuit combination, they were ultimately very tasty and got the thumbs up from all that tried them around the @ChocMission team. We wouldn’t say these are one of the MUST TRY products being stocked by @Jlist at the moment but if you are looking for a Japanese snack food to cater to someone with plainer tastes you might want to check them out.

7.4 out of 10