January 3rd: Baci Perugina

Kcal 570 Fat 39.1g Fat(sats) 13.3g Carbs 42.7g (per 100.0g)

Believe it or not even the ChocolateMission team got chocolates this Christmas :-) Most friends and family know that we get sent more than enough chocolate samples to feed a small army, however there are still some unbeknown people connected to us that send us all sweet gifts. You wont find any of us ever complaining about this mind you, especially when it means we unearth gems like the product we are reviewing today - Baci Perugina.

Our research tell us that these are popular chocolates throughout Europe and hail from Italy. They seem to mostly make an appearance in the UK around Christmas time though we will be looking to confirm that as our eyes are already peeled searched out for more. Baci Perugina come described on the pack as 'dark chocolate with hazelnut fillings' - frankly a total undersell of what they actually are. Poor descriptor aside we liked the packaging and presentation and loved the clear branding, multi-blue colour scheme and funny little 'love note' that was included inside the individual foil wrappers ... 'a real friend is one you can be silent with' ... deep stuff huh!?

The extent of the descriptor undersell became evident when we cut into one of the chocolates. The layering was terrific with each piece inclusive of an exterior of outer dark chocolate, an inner filling of praline and chopped hazelnuts and lastly a whole hazelnut placed on top. They looked incredible and they tasted very good as well. Neither the dark chocolate or praline elements were of the standard of your higher end offerings like Hotel Chocolat, but they were a step up from your everyday confectionery brand and created an equally satisfying chocolate and woody hazelnut flavour hit. The textural experience was also good with the multiple elements of the crisp outer chocolate, softer inner truffle and crunchy nut pieces each providing a varying selection of different mouth feels.

Overall we were highly satisfied with these Baci Perugina and would definitely contemplate having them again given the opportunity. If we had to compare them to any other chocolate we think that Ferrero Rocher are probably in the same ball park though we would offer these Baci are a step up given their wider variety of chocolate and nut types on offer. The combination of chocolate and hazelnut wont be a new one for any chocolate lover but its one that has a proven pedigree so when its done correctly as it has been here then its not necessarily a bad thing. As we said these lack the prestige in quality of higher end market chocolates, but given their price point and marketing position we would strongly suggest you give them a try.

8.5 out of 10