January 6th: Nestle Honeycomb Matchmakers

Kcal 72 Fat 3.1g Carbs 10.2g (per 4 sticks)

We have little doubt that these Nestle Honeycomb Matchmakers will have been in many a Christmas household this year thanks to some crazy deals they were on in some of the UK supermarkets. At one point these were in Tesco priced at £1.00 and on a 'buy one get two free deal' - essentially £0.33 a box! The Nestle Matchmakers range has been around since 1968 and those familiar with know it's a range famous for both it's Mint and Orange flavours. For reasons best know to Nestle for 2013 they decided to expand the range and introduce this new Honeycomb offering - considering the price we almost felt obliged.

Whilst The 'Yummy Honeycomb' variant comes in a smaller 130.0g size vs the other 151.0g Matchmakers the stylistic design and presentation is not far removed. The only aesthetic differentiator between the new flavour and the others is the yellow cardboard colouring and very subtle honeycomb picture placed at the top left of the box - very basic design work to say the least. The lack of fan fare created by the exterior aesthetics was only to be outdone by the presentation of the Matchmakers themselves which totally failed to create excitement looking exactly like the other two variants yet lacking their distinctive aromas.

You can probably tell the team really weren't 'feeling these' even before the taste test commenced and suffice to say not many opinions were changed once it had. The back of the pack described these as 'Honeycomb flavour chocolates with skimmed milk chocolate, dark chocolate and boiled sugar pieces'. The quality of the chocolate was exactly as we expected - real middle of the road sweet tasting chocolate that was as inoffensive as it was tasty. The boiled sugar pieces within the thin chocolate sticks did provide the usual crunchy Matchmakers experience, however the very basic sugary honeycomb influence failed to mask the bombardment of sweetness usually masked by stronger mint and orange flavourings. The result of this was a one dimensional taste lacking any manner of sophistication and doing very little to satisfy to any great degree.

Overall I'm afraid to say the ChocolateMission team were not big fans of these Nestle Honeycomb Matchmakers. To their credit Nestle didn't release them with any PR activity announcing they were going to change the chocosphere landscape but the question has to be asked why they bothered creating them in the first place!? The Honeycomb influence to these is very basic with little more than a mild suggestion of honeycomb flavouring present at any point. We felt these simply lacked the charm of the orange or mint flavour alternatives and would strongly suggest you stick with them if you looking for your fill of Nestle Matchmakers again this year.

5.6 out of 10