January 8th: Ritter Sport Vanille-Mousse


Kcal 584 Fat 40.0g Carbs 51.0g (per 100.0g)

Welcome to 2014 - Ritter Sport style!! Whilst we all may still be coming to terms with the start of a new year , Ritter Sport have provided us all a little familiarity with their latest 'flavour of the year' limited edition bar.

We will save you the drum roll and grand reveal to what it is as no doubt the photos and post title have already given the game away! Yes, the 2014 Ritter Sport 'flavour of the year' is this new Vanilla-Mousse flavour.

Being totally honest with you guys we use the word 'new' here very loosely as this Vanilla-Mousse proposition is one not too far departed from several Ritter Sport bars we've seen in recent years. Take for instance the Ritter Sport Bourbon-Vanille (See HERE) and you will see what we mean. This new 100.0g bar is a nigh on replica of that offering, just with the centre a touch lighter in texture. The less substantial filling may seem like a non-favourable thing, however each block is far bigger than the Ritter Sport norm with this bar segregated in a 9 block format.

Although the new format caused no upset unfortunately the team still held their views over from the Bourbon-Vanille. Indeed most of the team still found the centre a little too sweet for their liking - bare in mind this is coming from a panel that contains some sweet-tooth white chocolate lovers! The mouth feel created by the smooth melting chocolate and light mousse textured centred was given the thumbs up, though this alone still wasn't enough to overcome the issue of the sugar intensive taste.

Overall its not often we feel let down by Ritter Sport but this Vanille-Mousse wouldn't of been our choice to have as 'flavour of the year'. With so many great releases from Ritter already existing and of course incoming this is perhaps one that necessitate you move heaven and earth to try it. By our reckoning it's the recently released Ritter Sport Karamell + Keks bar is more worthy of your attention.

6.9 out of 10

Happy new year and stay tuned throughout 2014 for more class chocolate reviews from your favourite source CHOCOLATE MISSION :-)