February 10th: Willie's Cacao Peruvian Gold Chulucanas 70

Kcal 547 Fat 39.1g Fat(sats) 23.6g Carbs 32.5g (Per 100.0g)

After a very long absence Willie's Cacao makes an @ChocMission return with their first review in over five years. Those needing a refresh will benefit from being reminded of the Willie's Cacao brand proposition. Willie's Cacao is the love-child (or should that be choco-child) of one Willie Harcourt-Cooze. He created Willie's Cacao and featured the development in a TV series on Channel 4. The programmes charted Willie's journey from sourcing his own chosen cocoa beans, setting up his production in the UK and the creation of his first bars.

Here @ChocMission we were one of the lucky ones that got to try Willie's first set of bars - See HERE and they received some better than average ratings from site owner Jim at the time. Well five years down the line the team decided it about time we try out some of William's latest offerings to see whether he had further mastered the art of chocolateering, and tried out this Willie's Cacao Peruvian Gold Chulucanas 70 bar.

If our wonderfully insightful review whets the appetite to try Willie's chocolate for yourself you should check out his website where you should be able to find most of his range there on offer. The few bars we got sent were the 50.0g single bars (the ones on the website are 80.0g/£2.99), and came in packages very similar to the first bars we tried from Willie's in 2009. The lack of packaging development was on one hand disappointing, however we still thought the bars looked smart with the golden fonts and clear branding a nice balance between premium and non-pretentious.

As you can see from the glorious photos the chocolate came in a square bar form with the Willie's Cacao emblem printed on one the front-side panel. The chocolate smelt glorious with wonderfully fresh smelling chocolatey scents on offer as soon as it made its way out of it's wrapped confines. Although not segregated the bar broke with a satisfying snap and was easily breakable for manageable consumption sizes. In truth very little of the chocolate was necessary at one time as the full flavour experience was delivered with even the smallest of pieces. The taste panel were highly approving of the taste construct with the 70% cocoa solids chocolate fast establishing a rich, powerful, earthy cocoa flavour pulse as soon as it hit the tongue. Amidst progression of the smooth feel melt the chocolate progressed with added red fruit and roasted coffee like influences. These were on the acidic side of things for dark chocolate but it created a pleasant red wine like affect that left a lasting impression on the consumer for a long while after.

Overall the team enjoyed this latest offering from Willie's Cacao and were ultimately very happy with the level of quality it provided. As our description above hopefully establishes this isn't a chocolate made for the 'one-a-day Mars bar man' but more one that has created with the chocolate connoisseurs in mind. The depth of flavour on offer from the Peruvian Gold Chulucanas 70 was impressive and would be well matched for any wine or coffee consuming occasion.Willie's Cacao has certainly stood the test of time so we might just take a further look at what the range is offering nowadays. We would love to hear your thoughts @ChocMission.

8.7 out of 10