February 12th: Belvita Cocoa Biscuits with Live Yogurt

Kcal Fat 3.8g Fat(sats) 1.2g Carbs 6.9g

After receiving such positive feedback on our review of Belvita's Cocoa Chocolate Chips Biscuits (See HERE) we decided that we couldn't possibly turn down the opportunity of trying out these new Belvita Cocoa Biscuits with Live Yogurt. These biscuits are described as 'Gently baked breakfast biscuits made with wholegrain cereals and cocoa with a creamy live yogurt filling' and probably meant to be perceived as a slightly more indulgent alternative than just the chocolate chip biscuits themselves.

The inclusion of a live yogurt filling may give the impression of added indulgence, though the packaging still lays claim that they are 'proven to slowly release carbohydrates for 4 hours' and are 'made with a blend of 5 wholegrains and a source of vitamins and minerals'. The packaging itself displayed a very attractive looking sandwich biscuit and expectations weren't fallen short of when we got the biscuits out the pack (see below).

Indeed the biscuits delivered on the illustration displayed on the box with the whipped, generous yogurt filling providing a very tempting aesthetic appeal. We commenced the taste test over 'elevensies' and were further impressed by what was on offer. The dryness that can often be associated with these sort of biscuits was tempered by the moistness of the filling that had a nice creamy, vanilla like taste to it. The slight tartness was a pleasant contrast to sweet biscuit it was sandwiched between though again like the plain chocolate chip biscuits it partially lacked the chocolateyness of other chocolate biscuit alternatives.

Overall whilst we wouldn't regard these as the 'Mecca' of chocolate biscuit options we still very much enjoyed them and would offer them as suitable for consideration if seeking a 'lighter' chocolate snack. What they lack in chocolate power they make up in other areas with a very nice yogurt filling that is both aesthetically enticing and satisfying in the flavour department. Again Belvita have done well here - a deserved @ChocMission thumbs up.

8.0 out of 10