February 19th: Beech's Dark Chocolate Marzipan

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Kcal 455 Fat 18.8g Fat(sats) 1.6g Carbs 69.1g (Per 100.0g)

Our friends over at Beech's Fine Chocolates got in contact with us again last week and offered us the chance of reviewing their Original Dark Chocolate Marzipan.We think they may have been digging around the ChocolateMission archives because for the second consecutive month they managed to pick out yet another one of our favourites combinations - see last months Beech's Chocolate Coffee Creams review HERE. The prospect of dark chocolate and marzipan had Chief Reviewer Jim once again drooling at the mouth Homer Simpson style and he quickly managed to quickly secure himself a whole box before leaving the rest of us to feast on the remaining two.

Luckily the boxes sent over by Beech's were of their larger 150.0g variety so there was still plenty to go around the team. The packaging and presentation of the product looked very similar to the Coffee Creams made mention of above. Utilising the same classic 'Original' collection style of presentation the whole package looked nice and classy and again totally befitting of the vintage Beech's brand. The chocolates inside were also well crafted with their studded topped outer exteriors showcasing a nice glossy clean look. Excitement was further fuelled when our knife for the cross-section photograph below cut through a very crisp, non-crumbly pale coloured marzipan - the sweet nutty scents only cemented our desires to get on with the taste test.

Photography completed it was time for our favourite part of the process :-) Each taking a piece from the box we slowly let the dark chocolate melt away from the solid marzipan centres centres. Just as with the Coffee Creams we found the dark chocolate to be of a better than expected quality with an unsweetened, rich cocoa laden taste unmatched by other mass consumer brands. Whilst the dark chocolate was all part of a highly enjoyable flavour journey the real star of the show came in the form of the inner marzipan which was itself amazing. As we detected when doing the photos the texture of it was spot on - firm but not in anyway dry or moisture zapping (you know the kind like cheapo marzipan!), and the buttery, sweet almond flavours burst into life from first contact. The flavours were beautifully contrastive with the exterior layer and they together crafted a tasty, satisfying shot of chocolate and sweet nut.

Overall we can only give Beech's another big ChocolateMission thumbs up for these classical chocolates from Beech's. These guys seem to have a real understanding of how to make the 'old school' flavoured chocolate varieties - everything from the Brazils, Coffee Creams and now these Dark Chocolate Marzipans have equally wowed the team here. It's a shame Beech's don't currently have the greatest of distribution networks as we are sure their chocolates would provide many with a very welcome dose of nostalgia. Though we expect the older ChocolateMission audience might be the most immediate target market, newer chocolate fans will likely be equally as receptive. Give them a try and utilise the special ChocolateMission discount we stuck at the top of the review for a little money saving!

8.5 out of 10