February 24th: Cadbury Wispa Gold Hot Chocolate

Kcal 109 Fat 1.9g Fat(sats) 1.2g Carbs 17.0g (per sachet made with hot water)

If you look to your left hand side there you will see that the Cadbury Wispa Gold is one of the all time favourite @ChocMission chocolate bars. We were delighted when it made it's triaumphant return a few years ago and to this day it remains one of the bars we frequent when we are all after a quick, cheap chocolate caramel fix. Given all this you can just imagine the smiles in the office when one of the team pitched up with several of these all new Cadbury Wispa Gold Hot Chocolate sachets in tow; it was time to put the kettle on!!

This new Wispa Gold Hot Chocolate is available in both individual sachets (27.0g) and larger jar formats (296.0g). The sachets felt like they had a serious amount of powder in them. There were some concerns that it couldn't possibly all dissolve but in actual fact when the drinks were made there wasn't any evidence of lumps or powder left at the bottom of any mugs. It sounds odd to rate a drink on presentation but actually we still felt the need to here as both the sweet caramel aromas and frophy looking head on-top of the drink made it a very tempting proposition.

Before commenting on the taste we do have to admit that we did cheat a little and made these hot chocolates with warm milk rather than the prescribed hot water. We strongly advise you do this yourselves as we did try both and the hot chocolate made with milk was by far the superior of the two options. Speaking of the taste these Cadbury Wispa Gold Hot Chocolate got the thumbs up all round from the team. It didn't quite pack the same chocolatey punch of your standard Cadbury Wispa Gold however the familiar sweet Cadbury milk chocolate flavour hit was still there to be enjoyed and as the smells suggested a glorious caramelly butterscotch undertone was an ever present. It was bubbly, chocolatey, satisfying and oh so very drinkable!

Overall the whole team enjoyed this new Cadbury Wispa Gold Hot Chocolate and it was unaminously agreed that a larger jar would have to be bought for the office. Those looking to get a chocolate fix without all the calories might want to take interest here - the rest who aren't really caring of that sort of thing might just want to pair one of these with a 'perfect partner' Cadbury Wispa Gold bar :-) Brand extensions can be a little ropey sometimes but this one in particular for Wispa Gold works out pretty damn well. Thumbs up around from the team - let us know what you think of it @ChocMission     

8.5 out of 10