February 26th: Tracker White Chocolate Chips

Kcal 125 Fat 6.1g Fat(sats) 2.6g Carbs 15.0g (per pack)

For as long as we can remember Tracker bars have been a common staple of many UK school kids packed lunch boxes. Back in my day (Jim your reviewer today!!) Tracker bars used to carry grear playground 'snack trading currency'. You could usually pull off a swap for a two-finger Kit Kat or Club bar if you had the chocolate version :-) though the peanut version wasn't quite held in the same regard. Speaking of the two original flavours as far as the ChocolateMission team are concerned we've not known there ever to be any other variants apart from the Tracker Chocolate Chip (See HERE) or the Peanut. Well 2014 has arrived and it's all change - welcome to the Tracker White Chocolate Chip.

You should be able to find these all NEW white chocolate Tracker's in any of your local supermarkets. The 6-pack multipacks seem to carry an RRP of £1.99 but as we found you're probably going to be unlucky to find them priced more than £1.00.

Aesthetically the packaging and wrappers looked totally different to what we had come to expect from the Tracker brand. Where was the usual yellow and brown colour scheme? Even the Tracker logo looks a little different with the paw-print situated behind the wording. Suffice to say all felt a lot more familiar when we opened the wrappers. As you can see below the 26.0g bar looked no different to how Tracker bars have been presented down the years apart from the obvious lighter coloured chocolate chips.

Nostalgic feelings grew ever increasing with the lovely smells that emanated once the bar had been released from it's plastic wrapper confines. Peanutty scents wafted out of the packet and brought back many a memory of experiences with the other variants.

So how did the white chocolate chips fair!? Opinions are split within the team though I have to admit I didn't think this white chocolate version was as good as others. For me the contrast of sweet and salty wasn't as well balanced with the white chocolate. The chips cranked up the sugaryness and didn't so much allow the peanuts to kick in with their salty flavours. The white chocolate was far away from being sickly but it didn't bring anything to the party in terms of additional flavours like vanilla etc.

Overall although the white chocolate wasn't received warmly by all within the @ChocMission team none of us felt that it spoilt the bar totally and most of us would still happily tuck into when in need of a quick snack. All the usual cereal bar base goodness remains, though the peanut salt lick gets slightly over-shadowed by the increased sweetness of the alternative chocolate type. Although it's frustrating this wasn't slightly better it's good to see that the Tracker brand has had a little rejuvenation after all these years of just the two variants. What we would love to see is perhaps them try out some different nut types!? What do you think they could do?

7.2 out of 10