February 28th: Nestle Smarties Milk Chocolate Bar

Kcal 106 Fat 5.8g Fat(sats)3.3g Carbs 12.2g (per serving - 3 pieces)

Excuse the mini-rant today but we couldn't help feature this ALL NEW exciting bar from the people over at Nestle UK. It appears that the extent of their innovation this year happens to be propositions we have either already seen - see the forthcoming Aero White Chocolate, or simplistic brand extensions of existing products.

We have no issue with brand extensions if the new product is acutally worthwhile and plays to the strengths of the brand. You only have to look at our review earlier in the week of the Cadbury Wispa Gold Hot Chocolate - Caramel, hot chocolate, aerated frophy texture = win!!

Unfortunately the same can't be said for this new Nestle Smarties Milk Chocolate. This bar frankly commits both crimes of innovation in that a) It's been done before - See HERE and b) It didn't play at all to the brands strengths. Don't get us wrong we love Smarties - not so much these days given our older tastebuds but every now and then I don't think there is a big kid in the world who wouldn't have a smile put on their face remembering their younger years consuming many a packetof the candy coated morsels.

This bar however is unlikely to bring many smiles to faces. The Smarties content is shocking - 14.0% of the total bar constituents - and they aren't even the normal size Smarties (the mini ones!!). To a man the taste test team were left wondering where the Smarties actually were - check out our photo and you will see the total lack of Smarties in the chocolate - this didn't go down well.

The lack of proper sized and portioning of chocolate meant what was left was a totally uninspiring Nestle milk chocolate experience. Given the bar only cost £1.00 we are likely taking greater offence to this than we should be; but even so we felt disappointed in the bar we were presented with.

What do you think of this Nestle Smarties Milk Chocolate - were you as disappointed with it as we were? Let us know over at @ChocMission - we would love to hear your thoughts!

3.4 out of 10