February 3rd: Artisan du Chocolat Cafe e Latte

Its a new year but some things never change! Yes Artisan du Chocolat are back with us in 2014 and after producing some of the finest products we sampled in 2013 we are tremendously excited to welcome them back. The bar we are reviewing today is one that was requested by ChocolateMission site founder Jim the Artisan du Chocolat Cafe e Latte. This bar is described by Artisan as 'literally coffee and milk. Our bar is a twist on this traditional Italian breakfast drink'. Long time ChocolateMission readers will be well aware of Jim's love for anything combining coffee and chocolate so to see one of his favourite brands attempting the combination you can imagine his excitement.

The Artisan du Chocolat Cafe e Latte Bar came in a 45.0g size that lasted Jim all of one coffee break haha! The chocolate came in similar style packaging to the Artisan du Chocolat Tobacco bar reviewed in December. As a team we've always thought the outer exterior cardboard sleeve matches Artisan's premium brand proposition, though the inner presentation of the chocolate in a plain cellophane packet and unbranded block segregation style a little on the basic side. Aroma wise expectations were further fuelled by the offering of some subtle coffee scents.

Despite making the bar look a little basic the 3x5 block split apart easily so manageable mouth size pieces could be accommodated. Jim ate the bar alongside a proper Latte - who knows this may have helped the accentuate the coffee flavours a little for him!? Regardless he still gave it a big thumbs up after seeing his way through the entire thing :-) Jim's main observations that he took great delight in telling the rest of team who didn't get a sniff of it were that it was a glorious mixture of creamy cocoa and roasted coffee beans flavours. He said that any bitterness that could have been generated by the coffee bean contents was smoothed by a sensuous plethora of sweet chocolate milk flavours and it left a longing creamy chocolate flavour impression in the mouth. Furthermore he further divulged that it was extremely moreish though it left him feeling relatively satisfied having consumed the bar as a supplement to a real Latte.

Overall Artisan have kicked off 2014 just as they ended to 2013 and have delighted the ChocolateMission team (one member in particular *ahem*) with another fantastic chocolate. It appears that Artisan du Chocolat take great care when pairing their chocolates with flavours and obviously ensure that the excellence of their chocolate still shines through the additional enhancement being brought to the party. According to Jim the coffee theme here was implemented expertly and came at no cost to the milk chocolate which was still the star of the show delivering that all important chocolate hit. Suffice to say this Artisan du Chocolat Cafe e Latte carries a ChocolateMission recommendation - certainly one for the coffee chocolate fans.

8.5 out of 10