February 5th: Hotel Chocolat Perfect Partners

You've left it late ChocolateMission readers but don't despair! There are still 9 days until Valentines Day so you still have plenty of time to get your other half that special gift. Special gift required? Well what could be more special than the gift of chocolate!? Some might say chocolate and Valentines Day are the Perfect Partner .... eugh enough with the cheesey puns!!

... we could waste our time writing silly generic content but we would rather just give you our perspective and photos on some of the treats we've been sent by Hotel Chocolat to celebrate the epically cheesey day that is Valentines.

Last week we brought you all our reviews of some of their smaller lines and also their Hotel Chocolat 2014 Valentines Selection - See HERE. Well today we bring you our thoughts on another one of their new lines for this year the Hotel Chocolat Perfect Partners collection.

The Hotel Chocolat Perfect Partners is described as a collection of "Beautiful flavours that were just meant for each other. Just like Romeo and Juliet or Anthony and Cleopatra, some flavours were destined to be together." ... blimey it has to be said Hotel Chocolat haven't held back on the cheese this year :-)

Silly marketing gumpf aside it has to be said the 50.0g package is presented beautifully with the cardboard case nicely decorated with stylish fonts and on-pack illustrations of the truffles inside. Aesthetically the chocolates looked marvellous with their square shaped moulds each decorated with heart shaped centres.

The four different flavours on offer were Banana & Custard, Strawberry & Champagne, Raspberry & White Chocolate and Creamy Praline. We shared these amongst the team so different taste testers naturally gravitated towards their own favourites. The fruit flavours on offer in selection all went down very well though it was the Banana & Custard that came in for particular acclaim with its unique real tasting banana puree ganache centre providing a smooth creamy taste paired with the vanilla custard flavours.

Both the red berry truffles were also well met - the Raspberry & White Chocolate providing a lovely contrast of cream and zingy fruit, the Strawberry & Champagne was sweet but had a sharp boozie kick to it's fruity milk chocolate exterior.

Finally the nut option in the selection, the Creamy Praline did exactly what it promised. Epic, thick melting cream based milk chocolate hid a delightful woody hazelnut praline centre - worthy of an old school Superb @ChocMission rating for sure.

Overall our conclusions on this Hotel Chocolat Perfect Partners selection were much the same as the rest of the Valentines Day range this year. If you/or the person you are gifting to are fans of sweeter fruit flavoured chocolates then this collection is going to be another sure-fire winner - if preferences lie elsewhere you might want to look somewhere else! It's as simple as that folks! If you are one of our readers that wants to share the gift of Hotel Chocolat this Valentines Day do remember @ChocMission readers can get 10% off using the code HC10SPR14 - we might just be able to save you a few extra pennies.

8.2 out of 10