February 7th: Ritter Sport Spring Range 2014 incl Meringue Nut

Spring time is one of our favourite seasons with the weather getting warmer, gloom of winter over and of course the deluge of new product developments hitting the confectionery market. One brand that never lets us down when it comes to seasonal varieties are Ritter Sport who every quarter release three limited edition flavoured bars to match the flavours and tastes of the given time.

One thing Ritter Sport constantly do well is that they listen to their consumers and aren't afraid to apply the philosophy of - if it isn't broke don't fix it! That's the logic behind them keeping two out of three Spring 2014 flavours the same from last year with both the Ritter Sport a la Crema Catalana and Ritter Sport Cookies & Cream both returning for the 2014 line up. The latter of the two we mention there is in fact back for it's third successive year - at this point it's surely got to be tempting just to make it a permanent feature of the 100.0g line-up!?

For the reviews of these two returning bars please see our previous reviews:

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.. but that of course isn't where it all ends. ALL NEW & EXCLUSIVE for 2014 we have Ritter's latest flavour innovation - the Ritter Sport Meringue Nut.

Ritter Sport Meringue Nut
Kcal 546 Fat 33.0g Fat(sats) 16.8g Carbs 55.0g (per 100.0g)

The Meringue Nut is claimed to combine 'delicate and crumbly meringue pieces, toasted hazelnuts and the finest Ritter Sport Whole milk chocolate'. The bar as you would expect comes in the traditional 100.0g format in the standard 16 block, 4x4 grid.

Given the very generous offer of samples we received the whole @ChocMission team was able to sample this new flavour with multiple bars distributed amongst us all. Despite us having a wide variety of different preferences for the main part our conclusions of this new flavour were pretty aligned - a solid, tasty option that perhaps lacked the sparkle of the greater Ritter Sport flavours. The milk chocolate was unanimously appreciated for it's clean, crisp milk flavours and solid sweet cocoa undertones. The inner meringue and nut pieces added value both taste and texture wise though it was definitely the hazelnut fragments that created the greater impression. Additional flavours of woody, savoury nut were a nice counter balance to the sugary meringue that perhaps on their own wouldn't have brought much to their party apart from their unique texture.

8.0 out of 10

Overall the Spring 2014 range from Ritter gets a big ChocolateMission thumbs up with the triumphant return of two former favourites and the introduction of another solid offering with the new Ritter Sport Meringue Nut. Ritter Sport seem to know what they are doing when it comes to intelligently matching their flavours to the season and this Spring 2014 line up only promotes further evidence. Keep up the good work Ritter!