Hotel Chocolat EGGs-travaganza Day 1: Goose Eggs

If you have been in the UK supermarkets lately it's unlikely you will have been able to escape the fact that Easter is fast approaching.

For the last month or so we have been telling you all our favourite picks from Hotel Chocolat's line-up this year - check the archive HERE if you have managed to miss any of the coverage. Already we have covered bunnies, slabs, chocolate puzzles and even the official Hotel Chocolat Easter Selection box.

Well this week we are switching focus to Hotel Chocolat's chocolate eggs in our extra special Hotel Chocolat EGGs-travaganza!

First up today we have the Hotel Chocolat Goose Eggs - 'Four speckled goose eggs in three flavours - caramel chocolate, strawberry white chocolate and vanilla white chocolate'.

Together the four eggs hollow eggs come nicely packaged in a pastel coloured Easter themed box. The colourings of the eggs allowed the team to quickly identify three out of flavours on offer though some members of the @ChocMission taste panel were a little bemused at the purple egg representing one of the vanilla white chocolate offerings.

Minor confusion surrounding colour designation aside the team were impressed with the eggs and we liked how they broke apart with a satisfying crack and clean break (no messyness to be found here!).

As a team that embraces high quality white chocolate the eggs went down particularly well with both vanilla white eggs lauded for their generous cream and sweet, real-tasting vanilla flavours. Similar praise came for the strawberry white which offered much of the same but with a refreshing sweet red fruit twist. The caramel egg was unsurprisingly nabbed by Jim who confirmed that the usual buttery toffee taste was every bit as good as the other million times he's indulged himself from Hotel Chocolat.

Overall this Hotel Chocolat Goose Eggs selection is a good option for those looking for a plainer collection of chocolates for the white chocolate fan. As you will see later on in the week, these aren't the jaw-dropping, stand out egg option in the range this year but due to the high quality chocolate on offer it is still a very credible option to be considering this year. Thumbs up to the Goose Eggs and bring on Day 2 of the EGGs-travaganza! Join in on Twitter by sending us your views @ChocMission.

8.1 out 10