March 10th: Nestle Aero Bubbly White Chocolate

Kcal 221 Fat 12.3g Fat(sats) 7.4g Carbs 25.2g (per bar)

Way way back in November 2013 Nestle ran a competition on their Facebook page giving UK consumers the chance of voting for a new Limited Edition flavour of Aero - See HERE. Us Brits being the adventurous type of folk we are (tongue firmly in cheek here!) of course shunned the more exciting Cappuccino, Lemon and Strawberry flavours and went for the far more boring White Chocolate option - sigh. We have to admit we didn't actually vote in the competition at the time but looking back at the options our vote would have gone straight to the Cappuccino variety.

Well anyway we found this bar on sale in our local Nisa petrol station on sale at a rather pricey sounding £0.75. The bar doesn't state it's own weight but using our highly mathematically challenged minds we calculated from the nutritional information that it weighed 41.0g. As a team we decided the wrapper and presentation should get a thumbs up. Aesthetically it looked very similar to the Aero 2-in-1 we tried from Poland last year but the foil material gave it a nicer vibrance and the inner chocolate was kept beautifully pristine.

Before reading the on-pack descriptor I think the majority of the @ChocMission team were expecting a bar totally made out of white chocolate with the Aero aerated innards. Well our presumptions were wrong - 'smooth milk chocolate filled with vanilla flavoured bubbles'. As nice looking as the outer wrapper was we did at this point think it was a little misleading given there was no indication of any milk chocolate content at all apart from this small printed descriptor. Well luckily after tasting the bar we think it was for the better anyway as the white chocolate solus would have been way, way too sweet for our liking. The milk chocolate wasn't exactly lacking in sweetness but it still had a greater set of cocoa flavours to offer and gave the bar overall a more satisfying chocolate flavour hit. The inner white chocolate was superior to that of the Polish Aero 2-in-1 with an additional vanilla note on offer, but it was still far from what we would regard as one of the better white chocolates available.

Overall despite being an improvement on it's Polish equivalent this was still a very, very average chocolate bar that did very little to inspire us to come back for more. If anyone actually remembers the voting given it happened almost 6 months ago now we think there might be a few disappointed it hasn't been produced as a solid 100% white chocolate offering. As we said above, the team actually thought the milk chocolate exterior was for the better but we could understand if some are left feeling a little short changed with their vote. As Limited Editions go this is go this is probably going to be one of the less exciting ones to hit the market this year. Perhaps worth a try if you like your aerated chocolates but we wouldn't suggest setting your expectations all that high.

7.0 out of 10